The Play Vault Analysis Of The First Crysis 3 Details

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"EA are back but this time with good news, the return of nano-suited super-soldier Prophet for Crysis 3 on PC and consoles in Spring 2013.

Early screenshots show Prophet scrambling through New York again, but time, and the malevolent Cell Corporation, haven’t been good to the Big Apple. Like Enslaved: Jouney To The West, Crysis 3‘s bleak vision of the future is one retaken by nature – the broad avenues and towering skyscrapers are completely overgrown, a none-too-subtle fusion of the first two games’ polarized settings."

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Dlacy13g2372d ago

Hmm... Crysis 2 was sure pretty but man I got bored... I hope 3 remedies that. :)

Jonmau52372d ago

I got bored with Crysis 2 as well Greg, Mainly because it was shit! lol