Microsoft's E3: what to expect and what not to expect

OXM ticks off the possibilities for E3 2012, including secret EA games, Skyrim DLC, People Can Fly's latest and a mystery core game project from Microsoft Vancouver.

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dirigiblebill2794d ago

Dead Space 3 please, and I'll have some of what People Can Fly's cooking.

redDevil872794d ago

why would you want that for the MS E3? EA could show it off themselves, don't you want something brand new?

BiggCMan2794d ago

Anybody expecting more than Kinect stuff for about 60% of the show, Halo 4 for the finale, and some more extras perhaps on Xbox Live, really doesn't know Microsoft. I would love to be proven wrong, but I just don't see it happening any other way period.

TheXgamerLive2794d ago

Mysterious vancover project.....Thief IV for consoles only. release holiday 2012.

Disccordia2793d ago

Uhh no, Thief is an Eidos Montreal game

TheXgamerLive2793d ago

I know, i'm just wishing out loud for some thief IV news and If I speak on it, it will happen, right? :) haha

2794d ago
Patriots_Pride2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

In a perfect world:

The announcement of the XBOX 720
5 AAA new exclusives 360 games
Xbox Live free
Killer Instincts Next Gen
Conkers F#$ed up Day
Xbox Portable
Halo 4 on PC 6 month after the 360 release.
MS buys Bioware from EA.

_Aarix_2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

In a perfect world:
Theres no diesease
No famine
No hate or racism
No body or animal is on the street

Thats a perfect world. Your idea of a perfect world is crappy.

If youre talking about gaming then:

No one gives a s*** what console you have.
People would enjoy games for what they are.

BitbyDeath2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

That perfect world would come with it's own issues like the world being out of resources due to it being so overpopulated.

Good and evil need to coincide for humans to exist.

Ontopic: Xbox3 announcement would be good.

Captain Qwark 92794d ago

maybe you should run ms lol toss in a true sequel to banjo or conker as well.

LOGICWINS2794d ago

"Xbox Live free"

I think bundling a one year XBL Gold subscription in every new 360 would make more sense. MS keeps getting their XBL revenue from existing XBL members and newcomers have a great incentive to buy a 360.

Making XBL free would do nothing but limit the 360's already limited exclusive lineup.

KMCROC542794d ago

Added a few items for my perfect world .

The announcement of the XBOX 720
MS buys Bioware from EA.
Killer Instincts Next Gen
5 AAA new exclusives 360 games
Conkers F#$ed up Day
MS buys Crytek
MS buys Epic
MS buys CD Projekt RED
Buys or negotate long term agreement for games exclusivety.

Disccordia2793d ago

Diablo 3 exclusive to 360
Agent & FFv13 switch to exclusive 360
GTA 5 announced exclusive to 360
Kingdom Hearts 3 exclusive to 360
MS buys Thatgamecompany
MS acquires Naughty Dog from Sony

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Kingdom Come2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Surely EA would keep Dead Space 3, Dragon Age 3 and Army of Two (3) for their own conference unless it utilised Kinect in some manner. Due to Ubisofts confirmation that all future games would incorporate Kinect mechanics I would expect either Splinter Cell 6 or Rainbow Six Patriots to be demonstrated.

Microsoft have been hugely disappointing over the past 2 years at E3, they open so brilliantly, with a handful of exclusive demonstrations and multiplatform demonstrations but frustratingly follow them with an agonisingly lengthy, Kinect focused footage. It's almost as though they've forgot whose watching the conference...

Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing Halo 4 footage and for (hopefully) a handful of announcements. This E3 will be a blast nonetheless, with so many games expected to he demonstrated:
- Halo 4
- Crysis 3
- God of War Ascension
- Splinter Cell 6
- Rainbow Six Patriots
- Assassins Creed III
- Bioshock Infinite
- Resident Evil 6
- Lost Planet 3
- Borderlands 2
- Far Cry 3
- Dead Space 3
- Last of Us
- And many, many more

And so many developers working on currently unannounced games. I can't wait.

Captain Qwark 92794d ago

pump the brakes dude, where the hell is dark souls sequel, dragon age 3 and the witcher 3???

Kingdom Come2794d ago

I only wanted to list practically announced titles man. Plus, after Dragon Age 2 my expectations for 3 are dwindling. As for Witcher 3, I doubt we'd get an announcement so soon to the release of the Enhanced Edition.

Captain Qwark 92794d ago

alright fair enough. agreed about da3 as well but im hopeful bioware realizes how bad they f*cked up 2. and your prob right about TW3 but at the same time while the series is fresh in peoples mind it may be a good time

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