LittleBigPlanet confirmed for September

Sony has confirmed with CVG on 9 January that LittleBigPlanet will be out in September.

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MK_Red3988d ago

God NOOO. Please, I want my sackboy now! Please, PLEASE, release a beta or demo. Seeing the latest levels / footage just made me go more crazy about this monster. LBP will kill in 2008 along with Fallout 3.

TriggerHappy3988d ago

You not the only one man, need my LBP fix. This game just looks awesome.

MK_Red3988d ago

True :)
We want our Planet of sackboys now. Hopefully this game lives up to it's full potential and becomes a god of a game it's meant to be.

n_n3988d ago

release dates usually don't happen... i'll wait for more official word

THC CELL3988d ago

This game will be massive let a lone epic

cant wait

monkey6023988d ago

SEPTEMBER!?? What the ??? That so far away!

ravinash3988d ago

Just in time for my birthday.

name3988d ago

Booo. I wanted aprilish. Heavy Rain better be out before august or I'll be rediculously pissed.

Devr3988d ago

Heavy Rain in August? Sorry to disappoint you but that game was already confirmed for the fall.

otherZinc3988d ago

LBP is going to fall in place as one of the PS3's non selling AAA hyped titles.

This game should be on the Wii. This kids game will not sell on the PS3 so stop talking about this brand new POS.

devilhunterx3988d ago

Here is a lollypop, now go play your wii or revolution or whatever its called

Chad Warden3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Hahahaha. Are you mad about the fact that your 360 can't run a "kid's" game like this one without getting the RROD? Shows you that even the PS3's less graphically impressive games are too much for the 360. Too many physics in LBP for the 360 to handle. HD-DVD just died and your 360 is next. Can't wait to see everyone converting to the PS3 side. I mean, it's bad enough as it is, so many people wasting their money on Breakbox 3fixme and Xbox Lag, an unstable service where people lose their achievements and they have to pay for it.

Good job Microshaft.

ravinash3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

If the reactions from people on this website is anything to go by, this is going to be a very popular game.
If you don't like it, you could always...oh I don't know....NOT BUY IT!
Personally I'm going to get this one, it'll be lots of fun...something you can play with your girlfriend.

Plus the thing couldn't run on a Wii in a million years....not just because of the graphics, but also the physics in the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.