Why the MGS HD Collection Didn't Update Its Controls

During the Kojima Productions podcast #159, the staff members gave some more insight into the decision to not update the controls of MGS2 and MGS3 for the HD Collection, to something more akin to MGS4 or Peace Walker.

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-Ninja-2377d ago

I agree with the KP staff here.
You cant just shove modern controls into a game that didnt use or need them.

Son_Lee2377d ago

Leave the camera how it was. How hard would it have been to map aim/shooting to L1 and R1?

GillHarrison2377d ago

This is truly the only issues I have with the controls. Face button shooting was very strange.

Minato-Namikaze2377d ago

Really don't have a problem with the controls. They came 2nd nature to me. I platinumed mgs2 and 3 fairly easy. People need to learn how to adapt to control schemes.

THESONYPS32377d ago

True, adding in other features and controlls would ruin the experience. It would be like making a mario game where you can see from anywhere but its basically 2d.

pbasson2377d ago

MGS2 was a game of perfection to being with, why bother.