Dark Souls Game Director Apologises To Console Gamers

360 Magazine: From Software has no plans to bring the PC’s Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, and it’s additional content, to consoles. We talk to the game director to find out why…

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jimmins2793d ago

This is an outrage! I demand gummy bears in recompense.

gintoki7772793d ago

Or they can make us a new game ...

da_2pacalypse2793d ago

honestly, dark souls was such a good game that I don't even need the apology.

MAJ0R2793d ago

I knew they wouldn't bring it to consoles for the sole reason that it would be difficult to incorporate it into the online portion.

ThanatosDMC2793d ago

I'm gonna rebuy it for PC... but im afraid hackers will screw up the experience.

BlackPrince 422792d ago

They could just rerelease Dark Souls with the new content. I'd bet a lot of us would trade in Dark Souls and pick up the new edition.

And I wouldn't feel bad about that. I have well over a hundred hours in Dark Souls. I totally got my money's worth.

Nevers2792d ago

All this complaining aside... it's nice to see Dark Souls reach the hottest position on the front page over all the sequels we already knew had to be coming.

ChocalateDog2032791d ago

No, gummy bears will be our compensation.

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SilentNegotiator2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

They might bring it to ps3/360 later, but something seems beyond eerie here.

The way they're releasing seems to be directly related to the attitudes of the audiences. They may very well have planned all this out to win over each crowd.

Fanatic attitudes:
"Only on ps3!"
"Yay multiplats! Someone lost another exclusive!"
"Better on PC!"

Releases in order:
-Demon's Souls [ps3]
-Dark Souls [ps3, 360]
-Dark Souls [PC]

Maybe....I guess it's a question of whether or not they would go that deep with marketing.

thereapersson2793d ago

If anything you'd think they'd release it on PS3 also, considering how open the network is and how receptive PS3 fans were to the first game.

MaxXAttaxX2793d ago


The problem is that even if it's possible on PS3, devs like to keep console versions equal.
They'd have another "outrage" in their hands.

lex-10202793d ago


The real problem is that now that they are releasing this Prepare to die edition exclusive to PC is they released it on PS3 they would have to add in MORE content as per Sony's policy on previously exclusive games ported to their console.

Awesome_Gamer2792d ago

at least they apologized to us console gamers.. they are a really good developer/publisher

catguykyou2792d ago

I have a feeling, it was more of:

-Demon's Souls: "ugh, we have an unproven new title, high risk, but Sony is willing to take the brunt of that risk in exchange for exclusivity. Done and Done.
-Dark Souls: Wow Demon Souls did way better than we could of hoped for. Lets make more money and not have to share high profit margins with an exclusive publishing deal! Drat, have to change the title.
-Dark Souls PC: Seems we have demand for a PC version guys! Sweet we can take the 360 build and with hardly any effort at all we can have it running on PC? Oh.... we would have to rework the online component? Not if we stick with Windows live gaming component! Little work as possible and we have a whole other platform! $$$$$$$$$$

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Patriots_Pride2793d ago

I love gummy bears.

Try letting them sit in Vodka for and hour and put them in the fridge.

pixelsword2793d ago

Hey, that's like chewy jell-o shots!

*runs to store*

NegativeCreepWA2793d ago

It is what it is. I'll buy it a 2nd time and plug a controller in. I like Dark Souls that much.

MoveTheGlow2793d ago

He's very sorry that he doesn't have news about it. Probably a contractual thing. Now it isn't always good to generalize, but in Japan there's a bit more of a cultural-historical mandate to be polite, if even overly so at times.

I don't think this is the end of this content making it to consoles, this is pretty much the supernice version of "We do not comment on rumors or speculation."

Skizelli2792d ago

That's where GFWL will actually be useful. If you modify any files, it won't let you connect to LIVE and you risk getting banned.

CadDad2792d ago

I have over 300 hours invested....but i'll take some gummy bears.

Not many games I get 300 hours out of, nothing to apologize for with me.


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Dailynch2793d ago

They'll bring it to consoles, eventually. If they don't then it really is an outrage!

ziggurcat2793d ago

not really.

there are a bunch of games that have released much later on another system that got extra content not included in the original versions.

for example:

bioshock. when it released on PS3 a year later, it got an extra difficulty level plus DLC content that wasn't available for the X360 version.


limbo. it came out a year after its release for XBLA and came with an extra, secret level not included in the X360 version.

none of the content on the above-mentioned games were patched into the X360 versions. so i don't think that this is anything out of the ordinary and/or upsetting.

mep692793d ago

It's not all about 360, PC didnt get the DLC either, wasn't particually that good DLC anyway.

SilentNegotiator2793d ago

Precedence is not justification.

KeiserSosay47882793d ago

Halo CE PC had extra maps AND you could fly banshees:)

Nevers2793d ago


Right you are. If all the other devs jumped off a cliff, would FromSoft feel they needed to do that as well? ...They probably whould if there was glowing red text that said "Try jumping".

But having actually read the apology for myself (from my phone as I'm Websensed while at work) there seems to be a lot of 'backspeak' in his words.

"... cannot say right now about whether or not..."

"... we don't have any news for them at this point."

He's not saying it's never going to happen. He's just continuing to string the fans who supported the Souls' series thus far along even more.

For me at this point, FromSoft should just STFU until they can announce a sequel/successor.

MoveTheGlow2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

That precedence doesn't make sense either. BioShock came out on PS3 back when downloadable content was still a relatively new frontier on consoles - especially on PlayStation, as they didn't have the luxury of having a universally-online console during their last cycle. The attitude toward and support for DLC is much stronger now. And Limbo was made by a much, much smaller studio. Funded as such.

Both of those cases don't point to what may happen to Dark Souls. I think NamcoBandai would really like to make a few more bucks off of this content.

Somebody2793d ago



The PC gamers got exclusive extra content with Halo CE. Then, they didn't get Halo 2, 3 and 4.

The PC gamers also got to fight the Brumak in their version of Gears of War. Then, they didn't get GoW 2 and 3.

The is a reason why some content are called exclusives. It help to get more sales for a part targeted gamer. There's still a healthy number of PC gamer out there and having exclusive content might be a deal breaker for some. It would be detrimental if the same content are available for all platforms and the console-owning PC gamers doesn't want to buy the PC version because of that.

Skizelli2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Halo 2 was released on PC. Just sayin'.

Somebody2792d ago

@ Skizelli

Thanks. Forgot it was on the PC too. I avoided Windows Vista so I missed out on Halo 2. Since then, partly thanks to M'soft's lack of "effort" to support the PC, I dismissed Halo 2 for being a PC game at all. It was so forgettable...

Even so, the PC still didn't get the 3 and the upcoming 4. Unless there's a hidden reason for Microsoft integrating GFWL and X Box LIVE together while pushing for Dead Souls to use GFWL with Windows 8 just around the corner.

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flyingmunky2793d ago

I'm sure From just wants to give PC gamers a chance to feel their version is special to drum up sales for it. If the PC version isn't unique then whats the point in buying it really?

I imagine after PC enthusiasts get to have their fun for awhile From will come out with an even bigger DLC for console goers to enjoy.

Ducky2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

"If the PC version isn't unique then whats the point in buying it really?"

... the fact that it's on PC?
The petition wanted DarkSouls on PC, and a properly optimized port is really all that's needed.

I think it might just be that FromSoftware is focused on the PC version right now, and once that's released and out of the way, they'll work on the console version of the DLC and release it (preferably) for free.
Purposely alienating either fanbase doesn't seem to make much sense to me.

MoveTheGlow2793d ago

"If the PC version isn't unique then what's the point in buying it really?"

Mods. And if they're not there...

Nevers2793d ago

FromSoft just lost a lot of respect from the people who supported them this generation. This type of sting typically gets remembered.

Pretty disappointing. Talk about a dick-move.

v1c1ous2793d ago

nope. FROM hasn't lost any respect from anyone that wasn't a fickle fan anyways.

FROM is a small company. they aren't a huge company like EA/Activision/Ubisoft.

every game they make has to be calculated for cost because a wrong move could make them go under easy.

I was sad at the news of the PC port, but i will still support FROM because they are coming out with unique content for hardcore gamers.

they aren't out to nickle and dime you like other companies.

MysticStrummer2793d ago

"FromSoft just lost a lot of respect"

Not really. They made my two favorite games of this generation. This extra content will eventually come to consoles, I'll wager.

vortis2793d ago

Nah bro, they aren't doing day-one DLC or disc-locked content.

As long as it's a straight release they have my respect. I get what I paid for and it's complete. No hidden strings, no hidden $6.99 endings...none of that BS.

I'll probably buy Dark Souls on PC just to support From Software. They deserve it for listening to the fans.

garos822793d ago

they havent lost respect from me. having already given me 2 of the best games this generation i am an avid from software "supporter". id love the extra bosses and levels as dlc. it will be only the second dlc i would purchase if it were announced. if it doesnt come then ill patiently wait for the next "souls" game that will inevitably come

Nevers2793d ago

I agree FromSoft made a couple of really great experiences with the Souls games. They are a couple of the best games this generation. FromSoft really got their brand out there in the limelight. And I'm really glad PC gamers are getting the chance to play it.

I'm not one of the d!p$h!7z who scream out how they won't ever buy anything from them again. I’ll buy DLC or a sequel/successor day one. I'm merely a realist and understand branding.

When FromSoft announced that an announcement “for fans of the game" was incoming one would think something in the announcement might actually pertain to the console gamers who had thus far supported the Souls series. It was an assumption. But it was a valid assumption given the language, imo. When it didn’t, I think it really made them look like schmucks.

Those who refuse to recognize the way this PR move was (mis)handled hurt FromSoft’s branding with many console consumers are either blind, ignorant, or stupid. I’d rather be a fickle fan, and thus a discerning consumer, than a blind follower any day of the week.

“As long as it's a straight release they have my respect. I get what I paid for and it's complete. No hidden strings, no hidden $6.99 endings...none of that BS” – vortis

But it’s a flavor of that kind of BS. Not putting the DLC out as something to purchase (I don’t think it should be free) makes people want to buy the whole game again for PC. Smart business but I think that is still pretty shifty. I know I'm not alone in my opinion.

You buy your 3 copies to support them. I applaud you. I’ll find more practical uses than redundancies for my money.

PS … I still love DSouls and can’t stop playing it.

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GamingPerson2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

lol console gamers loss extra content and get mad!
pc gamers loss entire franchises that go to consoles and die for the masses like socom did for ps3 gamers. Fair trade?

TopDudeMan2793d ago

The difference here is that from software have no reason not to bring the content to consoles. The game is already there...

How hard is it to just put it up on PSN and XBL for a fee? They have absolutely no reason not to and somehow they've chosen not to. The decision is a no-brainer. That's why we're getting mad.

You could imagine them sitting round a table like "Okay, so we have this extra content, should we make it DLC for consoles?"
"Uh, no."
"Why not?"
"Cos I don't wanna"
"Agreed, the extra content is not coming to consoles, I'll go apologise to them now."

slayorofgods2793d ago

They are trying to win over the pc gamers. They already got ps3 gamers, they dug into 360 gamers..

They went over a year before even releasing the game on the pc, now they have to do something to get pc gamers interest after completely ignoring them.

Like it or not, pc gaming is on the rise.. Steam has paved the way to make pc games marketable once again, so expect more companies to try to win over that audience.

SilentNegotiator2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Fair trade? These aren't strikes or balances or justifications.

Why should anyone miss out?

Dark Souls shipped out over a million and a half copies, so it's not like bringing it to psn/live would be difficult or the fees too burdensome.

slayorofgods2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

This type of stuff is done all the time when games are released later; in the past games were usually released on the 360 first then re-released on the PS3 later with additional content to help promote that game.

The only difference now is that the pc is getting late releases since it is gaining momentum like the ps3 did a few years ago. PS3 gamers were able to enjoy additional content for years, now one goes to the PC for the first time and there is an outrage.

MysticStrummer2793d ago

I've been playing SOCOM4 again lately. The masses are morons. S4's campaign was pretty mediocre but the multiplayer is great, and yes I played and loved all the past SOCOMs. Anyway, my bet is that the extra content for Dark Souls will appear on consoles eventually.

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STONEY42793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

The free DLC doesn't make up for the fact that the PC version is being locked to 720p and 30fps, and no graphics options at all. That's a ridiculous new low in port quality. I might as well buy it on PS3 if that's in the final build.

Console gamers deserve the DLC.

PC gamers deserve a better port.

jthamind2793d ago

is that confirmed about no graphics options? seriously, are they trying to sell this game to PC gamers at all? GFWL, no mods, and now you can't even customize the graphics?

i'm sorry but that "they're a small company, they can't do everything, this is their first time on PC with the Souls series, at least PC gamers can play it".....all that shit doesn't fly. this is looking like it's going to be a shitty port. if From Software can't do a PC port properly, then they shouldn't do it at all. screw the "we should just be happy that they're bringing it to PC" mentality. no, we should be happy IF it's a good port to PC. and it's not looking like it's going to be a good port atm.

STONEY42793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Miyazaki confirmed, "Yes, It’s basically a faithful port. There’s no change to the resolution. The frame rate won’t be 60 FPS."

I don't think From Software gets how PC games work, honestly. He seems to think that making it "faithful" is a good thing. Hopefully this is some miscommunication error.

papashango2793d ago

wow is this true?

Fromsoft can go pack sand lol must be full of themselves if they think that junk'll sell on pc. It's now not even worth the extra torrent bandwidth.

Drabent2793d ago

Why crap on Ps3 players that bought and supported your games...hell we never got dlc for demon souls><

TopDudeMan2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Because there wasn't any DLC for demon's souls.

As for what they're apologising for, I don't really see why they can't bring it to consoles.

It could be they're not announcing the console DLC because they want people who own the console version to buy the PC version, too for the extra content. (more money for them) Which, if they do that, they're even bigger idiots than I thought.

Or maybe it's just not coming to consoles as DLC, which makes me hate them even more.

Fromsoftware, who do you think you are? You go and create my favourite game in recent memory and then do this? For shame.

Ult iMate2792d ago

>>because they want people who own the console version to buy the PC version

I already own a game. Why in the world would I want to pay twice? Heck, I'll pirate the game, if From doesn't want my money for console DLC.

TopDudeMan2792d ago

^ You might not, but I guarantee you people will.

Summons752793d ago

so time for a new petition? because if it was "so unfair" pc gamers didn't get the game then it is completely unfair that console players do not get the full experience...

to me this is meh

The_Quiet_Man2793d ago

@ Summons75 ask & you may recieve, lol. I came across this new Dark Souls petition just yesterday :

I signed it myself, whether it works or not who knows? (after the last petition, I'm unusually hopeful).

I still play this game nearly everday since its release & want that extra content bad. For the chance of seeing a new area or two, being killed by new bosses till I figure them out, murdering new Npcs & of course the best part trying out all that new equipment & spells on some poor soul.

I don't get this decision not to release it as DLC, especially to the already established fanbase they got on consoles. I don't mind paying for it (thats 1st for me lol) even though it'll be free content to PC users. I get the whole they waited so they get this free but don't leave us console fans out that originally supported you first.

jakethesnake2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

To be truthful, PC gamers weren't really claiming that it was 'so unfair'. They just created a petition that said that they would buy it if it came to the PC.

Fairness seems to have become really distorted lately.

mynameisEvil2793d ago

Who ever complained that it was unfair? Since it's release until now, the only time I've seen people bitching about "unfair" was when the PC version was announced with new content. Before that, we didn't really think too much about it. We have OTHER games to play, like a near-infinite amount of cool indie titles (Legend of Grimrock, anyone?) and other such games.

When it comes to games, PC gamers will really only talk about console games if there's a superior version. Even now, though, I haven't seen any of that from the PC side, surprisingly. For the most part, console games are console games and PC games are PC games.

Also, console gamers DID get the "full experience" last year. As said in the interview, the extra content was only a tiny thing in their minds when making the game, so it's not like they held back content since release just to give it to PC gamers. The console version is complete. The PC version will be complete PLUS some extra content.

Seriously, by your logic, the console version of Skyrim isn't complete because it doesn't have mods.

Summons752793d ago

I didn't say the console version did not get the full experience. Now there is new content which means people are missing out on that experience hence why it is now not the full experience.