Dark Souls Game Director Apologises To Console Gamers

360 Magazine: From Software has no plans to bring the PC’s Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, and it’s additional content, to consoles. We talk to the game director to find out why…

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jimmins4420d ago

This is an outrage! I demand gummy bears in recompense.

gintoki7774420d ago

Or they can make us a new game ...

da_2pacalypse4420d ago

honestly, dark souls was such a good game that I don't even need the apology.

MAJ0R4420d ago

I knew they wouldn't bring it to consoles for the sole reason that it would be difficult to incorporate it into the online portion.

ThanatosDMC4420d ago

I'm gonna rebuy it for PC... but im afraid hackers will screw up the experience.

BlackPrince 424419d ago

They could just rerelease Dark Souls with the new content. I'd bet a lot of us would trade in Dark Souls and pick up the new edition.

And I wouldn't feel bad about that. I have well over a hundred hours in Dark Souls. I totally got my money's worth.

Nevers4419d ago

All this complaining aside... it's nice to see Dark Souls reach the hottest position on the front page over all the sequels we already knew had to be coming.

ChocalateDog2034418d ago

No, gummy bears will be our compensation.

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SilentNegotiator4420d ago (Edited 4420d ago )

They might bring it to ps3/360 later, but something seems beyond eerie here.

The way they're releasing seems to be directly related to the attitudes of the audiences. They may very well have planned all this out to win over each crowd.

Fanatic attitudes:
"Only on ps3!"
"Yay multiplats! Someone lost another exclusive!"
"Better on PC!"

Releases in order:
-Demon's Souls [ps3]
-Dark Souls [ps3, 360]
-Dark Souls [PC]

Maybe....I guess it's a question of whether or not they would go that deep with marketing.

thereapersson4420d ago

If anything you'd think they'd release it on PS3 also, considering how open the network is and how receptive PS3 fans were to the first game.

MaxXAttaxX4420d ago


The problem is that even if it's possible on PS3, devs like to keep console versions equal.
They'd have another "outrage" in their hands.

lex-10204419d ago


The real problem is that now that they are releasing this Prepare to die edition exclusive to PC is they released it on PS3 they would have to add in MORE content as per Sony's policy on previously exclusive games ported to their console.

Awesome_Gamer4419d ago

at least they apologized to us console gamers.. they are a really good developer/publisher

dabri54419d ago

I have a feeling, it was more of:

-Demon's Souls: "ugh, we have an unproven new title, high risk, but Sony is willing to take the brunt of that risk in exchange for exclusivity. Done and Done.
-Dark Souls: Wow Demon Souls did way better than we could of hoped for. Lets make more money and not have to share high profit margins with an exclusive publishing deal! Drat, have to change the title.
-Dark Souls PC: Seems we have demand for a PC version guys! Sweet we can take the 360 build and with hardly any effort at all we can have it running on PC? Oh.... we would have to rework the online component? Not if we stick with Windows live gaming component! Little work as possible and we have a whole other platform! $$$$$$$$$$

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Patriots_Pride4420d ago

I love gummy bears.

Try letting them sit in Vodka for and hour and put them in the fridge.

pixelsword4420d ago

Hey, that's like chewy jell-o shots!

*runs to store*

NegativeCreepWA4420d ago

It is what it is. I'll buy it a 2nd time and plug a controller in. I like Dark Souls that much.

MoveTheGlow4420d ago

He's very sorry that he doesn't have news about it. Probably a contractual thing. Now it isn't always good to generalize, but in Japan there's a bit more of a cultural-historical mandate to be polite, if even overly so at times.

I don't think this is the end of this content making it to consoles, this is pretty much the supernice version of "We do not comment on rumors or speculation."

Skizelli4419d ago

That's where GFWL will actually be useful. If you modify any files, it won't let you connect to LIVE and you risk getting banned.

CadDad4419d ago

I have over 300 hours invested....but i'll take some gummy bears.

Not many games I get 300 hours out of, nothing to apologize for with me.


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Dailynch4420d ago

They'll bring it to consoles, eventually. If they don't then it really is an outrage!

ziggurcat4420d ago

not really.

there are a bunch of games that have released much later on another system that got extra content not included in the original versions.

for example:

bioshock. when it released on PS3 a year later, it got an extra difficulty level plus DLC content that wasn't available for the X360 version.


limbo. it came out a year after its release for XBLA and came with an extra, secret level not included in the X360 version.

none of the content on the above-mentioned games were patched into the X360 versions. so i don't think that this is anything out of the ordinary and/or upsetting.

mep694420d ago

It's not all about 360, PC didnt get the DLC either, wasn't particually that good DLC anyway.

SilentNegotiator4420d ago

Precedence is not justification.

KeiserSosay47884420d ago

Halo CE PC had extra maps AND you could fly banshees:)

Nevers4420d ago


Right you are. If all the other devs jumped off a cliff, would FromSoft feel they needed to do that as well? ...They probably whould if there was glowing red text that said "Try jumping".

But having actually read the apology for myself (from my phone as I'm Websensed while at work) there seems to be a lot of 'backspeak' in his words.

"... cannot say right now about whether or not..."

"... we don't have any news for them at this point."

He's not saying it's never going to happen. He's just continuing to string the fans who supported the Souls' series thus far along even more.

For me at this point, FromSoft should just STFU until they can announce a sequel/successor.

MoveTheGlow4420d ago (Edited 4420d ago )

That precedence doesn't make sense either. BioShock came out on PS3 back when downloadable content was still a relatively new frontier on consoles - especially on PlayStation, as they didn't have the luxury of having a universally-online console during their last cycle. The attitude toward and support for DLC is much stronger now. And Limbo was made by a much, much smaller studio. Funded as such.

Both of those cases don't point to what may happen to Dark Souls. I think NamcoBandai would really like to make a few more bucks off of this content.