Wii Fit sells one million in Japan

According to Nikkei, Nintendo's Wii Fit has sold one million units in Japan on January 6, after being introduced to the market on December 1.

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wiizy3939d ago

this game is going to be huge

PS360WII3939d ago

Going to be? At a million sold I think it is already.

joemomma3939d ago

they will start returning them when they relise that their fatness cannot be cured with gimmicks but real exercise and diet.

PS360WII3939d ago

Evil Z. I don't think it's called Wii Burning off the fat. It's called WiiFit. So you can stay fit not to get into shape. Fit nothing more.

joemomma3939d ago

They are playing it off as a weight loss product. Its pretty obvious they are leeching off vast majority of the population who buys "easy exercise" machines because they are too lazt to work out themselves.

PS360WII3939d ago

well regardless who they are selling it to the point is that many are buying, and that's the bottom line.

You don't have to buy it and I don't even think you are an owner or will ever be an owner of a Wii so why even look at these type of articles if you hold no intrest in them what-so-ever

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lynx1halo3939d ago

Those Japanese just love gimmickey toys

mighty_douche3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

each to their own i guess but i just can believe people will buy this.

play games, go to the gym, i dont wanna combine the 2.

joemomma3939d ago

More fatasses fooled into thinking that this a an easy substitute for exercise. What a joke on the population.

Revlis913938d ago

How many fcking accounts do I need to ignore to get rid of the sh!t that comes out of your mouth?

PS360WII3938d ago

No that isn't Zhuk. That is a PS3 fan who is rather angry at the real Zhuk so he made this account trying to be funny and get a personal attack in at Zhuk at the same time. Just like the newly founded Zcuk or whatever.

LanRanger3937d ago

Japan has one of the lowest obesity rates in the world. WTF are you talking about?

PS360WII3939d ago

Well with the adoption rate of this product I do hope we get to see some 3rd party games to go with that Balance Board :) Wishful thinking yes but still would be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.