Why The Legend of Zelda Series is Completely Overrated... and That's Okay

ZI writes: The Zelda series holds a special spot in all of our hearts. Most of us buy every single game, give long winded explanations of our opinions, and over analyze every aspect of the series (*raises hand*). It's true that the Zelda series is one of the very best franchises in the industry. Well respected, well rounded, and consistently performing at the top of the industry standard for gaming. Of course, we all know each game isn't perfect, but that's mostly because we all play Zelda for different reasons. However, that's what makes this series so great to begin with.

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Dark112795d ago

yep The Legend of Zelda need to be mature , with deep RPG elements and hardcore experience
and you can add to that a dark fantasy and gothic atmosphere
sex and violence is also welcome ..
if that happen then i will buy it

Mykky2795d ago

You mean if it becomes mainstream you will buy it? I prefer it beeing a unique gaming experience that you can't find anywhere else.

The points you mentioned is of course good points but there is aleready games like that out on the market.

Let Zelda be Zelda!

Venox20082794d ago

play your Dark souls then.. I didn't like it and zelda is good like it is..

Ilovetheps52795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I disagree with the rehash point. I don't think every game is a rehash of the previous game. I mean sure they all have dungeons and stuff but so do many games. They are each very different from the previous game and introduce new mechanics each iteration. Ocarina of Time is my favorite game of all time. The graphics definitely don't look great by today's standards. But the gameplay is amazing. I just love how well the game plays and uses the idea of time travel. No game in the Zelda series before it really used time travel. I bought Skyward Sword on day one. It's definitely not a rehash of the "Zelda formula". The game feels completely different from past games.

*Spoilers ahead*

In the past games you were mainly trying to save Princess Zelda from Ganon. This game you were trying to save the future by going into the past 300 years to seal away an evil power. It isn't just a few dungeons stringed together by a plot. You are trying to gain the power to seal the evil. There are three main areas and each time you get a new weapon you can advance farther in certain areas. The game just is different from past games.

Another big change in SS was the controls. It made the combat so much fun. Unlike most games, I had to actually be precise and time my attacks perfectly to progress through the game. The gameplay in SS was just awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

So yeah, I can see why every game might feel the same to most people. But, I think that each game is very different from each other when you look at the way each game plays and the story behind the game. That is why fans of the series keep coming back to the series. They are guaranteed a quality game.

tigertron2795d ago

I could never get into Zelda for some reason. The only one I played that I liked was the Windwaker, but the lack of save points/check points was frustrating.

southernbanana2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I like Zelda and really do not mind if the newer game is a rehash of previous iterations. If the game is still enjoyable why does it matter? Some of my favorite games this generation across all platforms are very similar to their predecessors. Some games, such as Sonic Generations (classic levels) and new Super Mario Bros., have even tapped into their original 20-year-old formulas because they just work out well for a fun experience. Of course adding new elements and content are always welcome to freshen the experience :-)

Titanz2795d ago

People will appreciate it, for what it is.

Skyward Sword was great game for me, because I've never played a title so focused on motion controlled gameplay, while keeping me enthralled by the experience (Redsteel 2 comes close).

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