HALO 4: Can 343 Industries Restart The Fight?

"Can we HALO fans not be skeptical about 343 Industries’ development of HALO 4? Since 343i is working exclusively on HALO 4 without help from Certain Affinity or Saber Interactive, can this untested developer bring the award-winning quality gameplay, storytelling, and multiplayer as benchmarked by Bungie Studios?" - Author

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StrongMan2426d ago

Well, look at what Slant Six did with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Look at what Ninja Theory is doing to Devel May Cry.

Look at what Ruffian Games did to Crackdown 2.

Not to mention that Halo 4 will release with the proven unstoppable juggernaut called COD. I'm skeptical.

Virus2012425d ago

A lot of the people that work at 343i are ex bungie members. So I think they will be alright.

IRetrouk2425d ago

last i read it was SOME ex bungie not ALOT.

StrongMan2425d ago

A lot of people from the Nintendo Rare went to the MS Rare and look how that turned out.

Virus2012425d ago

Ok I'm sorry. Although some of the former Bungie employees that went to 343i still have the knowledge of what it takes to makes a great Halo game.

IRetrouk2425d ago

Don't get me wrong, from what 343 have shown we have nothing to worry about, looking forward to it.

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spicelicka2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

that's stupid. Racoon city already looked like a spin-off, nothing like a real resident evil game we knew it was gonna suck.
Ninja theory's devil may cry actually looks really good, but they intend to make a completely new game, pretty much a spin-off. And crackdown 2 barely had any budget or hype for it to be a good game.

Halo 4 is lead by some of the best developers in gaming, a lot of bungie employees, plus that fact that it's using the pinnacle halo formula in making this reboot. There are multiplayer changes but that's not a change in core gameplay, it still plays exactly like halo and we've all seen it.

You're making unnecessary assumptions. Halo 4 is microsoft's biggest franchise, they would never let it suffer the fate of those games.

Summons752426d ago

I think it will be just fine. They have a lot of the original developers plus developers from some of the best games out there. I don't see any reason to worry.

Tai_Kaliso2426d ago

Well considering the large and great team they have at 343i, I'm more than convinced that Halo 4 will be great.

I think Microsoft did the smart thing and made Bungie do Halo Reach, that way 343 can do the continuation with Master Chief, I liked Halo Reach, but its almost New Coke versus Old Coke when it comes to Reach and a Master Chief version of Halo.

Considering there is finally a release date, I'd expect to see the pre-orders sky rocket, and the pre-orders for North America were already around 300k.

Releasing against Call Of Duty isn't really an issue for a franchise as large as Halo, it would be if it were a smaller one like Killzone or something like that.

Halo fans are rabid and want Master Chief back. Plus, so far with what I've seen, the games looks better than ever and its actually evolving a bit instead of the same old, same old.

SITH2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I am not worried one butting about 343. Some games need fresh new people working on them with fresh new ideas. Halo is a game that deserves a new approach.