Korean Star Was So Addicted to Video Games, She Damaged Her Thumb

South Korea's Jang Na-ra is known throughout Asia as a singer and an actress. Add something else to her resume: compulsive gamer.

On a recent Korean talk show, Jang revealed that she fell in love with hanafuda—a Japanese card that should be familiar to all Nintendo fans. Whether it was playing with her brother or with her manager, Jang fell hard for hanafuda. She played it for days on end. Before she fell asleep, she'd see hanafuda on her bedroom ceiling.

Worried that her hanafuda gaming was starting to become a problem, Jang found a new hobby: video games. That didn't turn out much better.

"Then, I just played video games without bathing, sleeping, or eating," she said. So her compulsive hanafuda playing was swapped with compulsive gaming—she didn't specify the game.

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Tameel12398d ago

Judging by that picture it looks like she needs to get off the games and get a good night's sleep! Still cute though.

Deadpool6162397d ago

A lot of people in Korea immerse themselves in videogames at self harming levels. It's horrible that it occurs, but I can't help to wonder what game they deprive themselves to play that much?

Cryptcuzz2397d ago

Its a trap!!!! Do not fall for it!!!

After that Street Fighter 4 player Kayo police or something like that, I was so confused LOL.

LOL I am just kidding, shes cute and pretty sexy. I wonder how it would be to hang out with a pretty model/actress/singer/game-ahol ic.