Report: God of War: Ascension coming Spring 2013 without 3D or multiplayer support

El33tonline writes:

"The internet is abuzz after Sony announced God of War: Ascension earlier today and released the first spectacular trailer for the game. Since then new details about God of War: Ascension have emerged, including a possible release window."

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StrongMan2790d ago

Makes sense, God of War games always release in March so March 2013 seems right.

Also, just think guys Sony announced a huge game like God of War: Ascension on an averaged April day while E3 is just 2 months away. If they announced this game this close to E3 they must have tons of announcements for E3 that they didn't have time for it all.

BiggCMan2790d ago

They have done that before, but it didn't necessarily mean a spectacular E3. Yea they may not have time for it in the show, but doesn't mean they will show off a bunch of new stuff. They will most likely talk a lot of statistics in the beginning like every year, a new reveal or 2 for PS3, and then most of the show will be showcasing the Vita's performance, and a couple of games for it.

MariaHelFutura2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

E3 = PS4, Vita games, GOW:A and TLOU. Plus, GOW2 came out right before the PS3 and was the best looking PS2 game. This all makes complete sense. GOW:A will be the "crown jewel" of what the PS3 can do, then they'll move on...... I'm excited. Oh, of course...statistics aswell.

Afterlife2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I don't think E3 is about new game announcements anymore. 2011 was Sly and Twisted Metal was 2010. Those announcements weren't even that big or secret at all and obvious according to existing rumors.

This is what I expect from Sony Conf E3 2012.
It's all about new gameplay, 5-10 Minutes of GoWA, PSN stuff, number graphs and some release dates and maybe 1 game announcement. Keep your expectations low and watch some new gameplay of upcoming games.

Realistically, Nintendo will probably have the most announcements.

Drainage2790d ago

nah. They will show demos or trailers for God of War, last of us, last Guardian, LBP karting, Vita new games, and 1-2 new ps3 announcement, probably GG's KZ4 or whatever they are working on. Pretty much THIS. Everything else is Multiplat.

Everything else will wait for next year since other projects are all PS4 and they wont talk about that yet.

Kingdom Come2790d ago

Sony tend to announce their games a few months prior to E3 so that they can demonstrate them at E3...

llMurcielagoll2789d ago

"God of War games always release in March so March 2013"

I hope this won't change though. God of War III was delayed a couple of times if I remember correctly. But then again, the last time it was delayed before release was in March as well.

Hope to see more info on E3!

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NastyLeftHook02790d ago

i cant wait to kill some more f'ed up monsters again.

Tapioca Cold2790d ago

Don't need multiplayer. 3D I have but it sucks the life and graphics out of games (next gen wil be better)

However, I'm not a motion control guy, I think GOW would work well for those who like Move and motion controls.

WeskerChildReborned2790d ago

Not surprised really about no multiplayer but at least they can spend their time on making the Storyline really good and long.

sly-Famous2790d ago

"without 3D or multiplayer support"

Well, if its not broken dont fix it.

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