New Trailer & release date of Datura

Sony released a new Trailer of Datura and has revealed a release date of the upcoming Plastic Project.

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Almir9082426d ago

Wow this game looks good. How come I never heard of it?

NukaCola2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Is this the game from SMS they played on the Tester 3 that everyone who played it says its unbelievable? I need to go on that show.

EDIT: Ok I just watched this. I know exactly what this is. They had a demo of this on youtube that was leaked over a year ago. Remember the one with the barrel in the woods and the stature of the girl? It's a MOVE game. You could see it from the video. We all didn't really know what it was but it's a Myst inspired Move title and I have to say I love Myst, Riven and Exile and I am friggin getting this once it's released. It looks amazing.

Machioto2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

This game is made by,I think plastic studios in conjunction with Sony Santa Monica,the guys who developed this game did lingering shadows.

@almir this game was first posted on here by a site called iwaggle3d,he does lot of stuff dealing with ps move based games.

Almir9082426d ago

Oh so this is a move game? Incredible. I might have to pick up a PS Move just for this and sorcery.It really does look amazing

Chitown712912426d ago

The immersion in this game looks incredible!

r212426d ago

im not gonna lie. this gave me goosebumps.