Final Smash Bros Brawl Newcomer Announced - Pikmin & Olimar

Today the final slot in the list of Newcomers on the Super Smash Bros. Dojo website has been filled in.

And who is it? Well it's none other then Olimar and his little Pikmin friends.

"Goodness! Captain Olimar joins the fray with five colors of Pikmin in tow! He plucks Pikmin from the ground and they fight as his allies.

Without Pikmin, Olimar can't even do a Smash Attack. And the short-lived Pikmin tend to scatter. Theirs is a fated symbiotic relationship."

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wiizy3934d ago

even his character looks very detailed. cant wait to check out the next pikmin game

M_Prime3934d ago

and i thought there would be no new characters annaounced anymore

\the roster is pretty big now in this game..

also i find it interesting how he can't even do a final smash without pikmin out.. so i'm guessing the more he has the more powerful he is.. this could be either the 'pichu' character or something awsome like lets say 'jiglypuff' (if u played melee) and i loved Jiggly Pufs SLEEP attack

MMX10313934d ago

Super Smash bros is going down... I hate to say that... I mean. This game IS going to be fun. Ill say that. But Pikman??? That is a freaking Gamecube game! Super Smash Bros. was all about the older series. And I know what you're thinking. What about Snake right? Metal Gear was on the NES. This disappoints me.. Im sorry for those of you that like Pikman. But I think that they should have put Megaman on this game. He is a third party character and all but he has been on the Nintendo consoles since Megaman 1. This is ridiculous that they have not accepted him as a character. I am very disappointed with this new line up... (Except for Sonic XD) I hope this isn't the FULL character list. That I can live with. Does anybody know if there are secret characters that aren't posted on the site or are the newcomers the secret characters??? I hope not..

R M Spender3934d ago

your an idiot! what better character can you think of? pikmin is one of the best nintendo games made. iam happy to see olimar and cant wait to smash you in yo dang mouff with a red pikmin sucka!!

Blank10173934d ago

I can agree that the original appeal of the n64 game was the playability of the original characters, but SSB has evolved and in my opinion evolved well. I love being able to play as the classics, but my favorite ended up being marth, whom I was completely unfamiliar with. I think the combination of classics and newcomers makes for a more varied and fun experience.

and dont count out mega-man yet... I would love to see him pop up as a hidden character as I'm sure Luigi and a few pokemon types are bound to do as well...

Kakkoii3934d ago

I'm almost 100% that there will be some more secret characters to unlock.

Because he doesn't want to reveal everything to us you know? Gotta leave a few secrets for us to find.

Shadow Flare3934d ago

I really like pikmin, its well good. Its practically the only gamecube game i play anymore cos i sometimes go back to it. I was playing pikmin a few weeks ago. Olimar is such a loser though. I wanna try pikmin 2

Darkiewonder3934d ago

Pikmin 3 confirmed jk.

So how many characters total playable in the game?

all i see is 24 ;o

PS360WII3934d ago

Pikmin 3 would be so sweet ^^

Kind of a suprise new character. Could be fun to play :)

Kakkoii3933d ago

There's bound to be more characters. They wouldn't tell us about all the characters. Where would the surprise be then :P.

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The story is too old to be commented.