Arma 3 - Stratis Island To Be Featured, Showcase Trailer Released

DSOGaming writes: "After broadcasting the Stratis teaser earlier this month, Bohemia Interactive has now confirmed an additional island in Arma 3. Situated in the North Aegean and stretching over 19 square kilometres, Stratis adds geographical variety and expands the game’s massive military sandbox. The reveal is supported by a fresh web update, trailer, screenshots and info on the Community Alpha."

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ritsuka6662791d ago

This is coming to consoles right? haha, only kidding guys... :P

GamingTruth2791d ago

yeah this photo realism looks too good for consoles, to bad photorealism is the only thing pc can make look good

F7U122791d ago

and I thought BF3's lighting was impressive...damn. happy little clouds everywhere, Bob Ross would be proud. lol

chak_2791d ago

I5 minimum required, I can't even imagine the beast behind this video.

Even arma 2 doesn't run fine on my 2500k o/c + gtx580

KeiserSosay47882791d ago

I think you'd be hard pressed to find any game that looks more photo-realistic than Arma 3.