Five Things I Want to See in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Here are five things that I want to see in this year's upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

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NukaCola2792d ago

A new engine would be nice.

a_squirrel2792d ago

He said there hasn't been any other kinds... But to my knowledge, there are also Japanese dudes, American co-workers, Crawlers, Monkeys, and now space ship dudes?

I only want one thing in Zombies. Effort. The first one was great, but they never improved much. The worst part I think, is how the Zombies get stupidly strong after level 5. Why not just stick with that level and multiply the zombies to a crapload that you can't flush down a toilet. I'd like that. Or maybe trying to find some VIP through infested cities? Different modes might be nice.

If you have a ps3, you are fimiliar with the 15+ loading times between the multiplayer, and the singleplayer menus.

Relientk772792d ago

How about its not like Modern Warfare 3.

Black Ops is LEAGUES better than Modern Warfare 3. Its better than MW3 in literally like every single way

NastyLeftHook02791d ago

take out the zombies, and put in vehicles.

Intentions2791d ago

I don't care about the online multiplayer, but I would like 4 player local split-screen, :D

BuffMordecai2791d ago

I'm sure it will have that, what I hope is that it will also have bots in local split-screen, like the original.

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