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ROCKCOCK64: Fez is an indie game that has been in development for 5 years for the 360 and has had gamers intrigued ever since it was first announced. Now finally released, does this title live up to the 5 years of hype?

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Emilio_Estevez3346d ago

Thought it was a troll review, but he provides very interesting and convincing reasoning.

360GamerFG3346d ago

Convincing of a 0? Lol come on

Emilio_Estevez3346d ago

I haven't played it yet, so I don't know, but I would still think it deserves higher than 0.

AusRogo3346d ago Show
AcesHigh2913346d ago

The reviewer just comes off as a person who doesn't want to play a game that isn't cranked to 11 at all times.

from the beach3346d ago

Excellent review, it's about time someone kicked this game in the balls.

Loved this line: "It's hard to go into depth with Fez because it's literally the most two-dimensional game around."

CalvinKlein3346d ago

AHHAH looks like some little kid blogger on youtube got butthurt about FEZ because he is a moron. Yeah you say that all the puzzles are easy, so I guess you collected every piece of cube right??? Sure

HAHA The irony that he says the game is full of it self. To me it looks like a garbage blogger on a no name site is full of his nerdy self.

Ohh and you should probably try to use your mouth to talk and not through your nose. This wasnt a review, it was a butthurt rant complaining about everything including the creator and the cover art.

GO play some COD or get a life so you dont have to be so butthurt by FISh. Its like you were his boyfriend and he stomped on your heart, thats how spiteful you sound.

If you are that butthurt about the creators comments, then I guarantee you dont have this game. This guy is a moron, fez is a puzzle game but if he actually played it he would know that. Sorry it doesnt have enough action or music for you stick to COD and FF garbage.

All your reviews on that garbage site are just trolling games. I like how you try to be funny, but it is not funny and you look sound like moron a who laughs at his own jokes. I can tell because you try to make jokes in your video but they are all way off the mark only someone who laughs at themselvs would continue trying to make lame nerd ass jokes. Maybe a few butthurt mouth breathers might agree because they are also butthurt, but looking at your website its clear that you troll indie games and valve games and those are your only reviews, all negative.

from the beach3346d ago

Holy crap, a response from Phil Fish himself!

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The story is too old to be commented.