HD VMD: The third format that would not die

Just when you thought the high-def format war was over, the red-laser high-def format HD VMD pops up once again, like a third-tier political candidate, to start it up all anew.

New Medium Enterprises used the backdrop of CES 2008 to announce that its HD VMD players would be shipping into the US market. Unlike Blu-ray and HD DVD, this format uses the old red-laser technology found in standard DVD to produce a high definition picture.

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anh_duong3988d ago

that's probably because it hasn't been born yet

drewdrakes3988d ago

Which is why passion of the christ is on it, so that it has a nice christian birth.

actas1233988d ago

This is the format that died before it even was born.. lol

godofthunder103987d ago

i've been talking about this and people said i was lieing.if people don't think that other movie studios wany jump on this are crazy,hell all they have to do is use their brains.why wouldn't a studio support this format when it has the same picture as br but they could make it for the same price as a regular dvd.look at it this way,why would i spend $30 for 1 movie for a 1080p picture when i could spend about the same amount as a regular dvd with a 1080p to,hell if you are willing to pay about $10 to $15 more for the same movie just because you have a ps3 and a sony fan you are crazy.if they get 1 major studio to sign with them it will be the end to br.

mikeslemonade3987d ago

This will die because it doesn't have the software to back it up. Sameway HD-DVD died.

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mighty_douche3988d ago


LinuxGuru3988d ago

Are you kidding me?

What the f*ck is this?

craymoogy3988d ago

tired. i just won the war and I don't want another war. sorry, i can't fight anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.