Tech-Gaming | Trials Evolution Review

Although Trials HD veterans may still be suffering from shell-shock incurred by a nearly insurmountable difficulty level, this follow-up demonstrates a gentler side, offer much more content for players cursed with the motor skills of an common mortal.

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CharmingMan2791d ago

Time to pull out my hair and cuss like a sailor all over again!

deserteaglexix2791d ago

Do you know where I can find some sailors?

RaptorMan2791d ago

Sailors? Yeah, I see them at night.

sharpsword2791d ago

My friend told me of one track called "Icarus" where you fly off your motorcycle after a jump and flap two boards nailed to your arms to fly. Reminded me of Little Big Planet.

madmad2791d ago

Good review.

I'm think about picking this up. I was going to wait for Minecraft on 360, but may break down.

RaptorMan2791d ago

I really like the demo. For some reason, I missed the first one.

mediastudies2791d ago

Anyone else surprised that the editor allows you to build levels just as crazy as those in the game? Got to support that!