PC market refuses to die, rises again in Q1 2012 | PC Gamer

Market research firm IDC has released its quarterly figures for computer sales in the first part of 2012. It’s surprised some pundits by claiming that far from the traditional PC era being over, worldwide shipments are up. They’re even showing growth in debt-saddled, austerity shackled and market saturated Europe, of all places.

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NYC_Gamer2788d ago

The PC market is alive and kicking and many close minded idiots can't stand that.....

GamingPerson2788d ago

Ever since getting into pc a year ago playing with a controller just feels limiting.. If pc has third person adventure games like god of war, red dead, uncharted then I would only play on pc & throw out ps3.

I think the console industry lacks innovation and/or freshness in comparison to PC indie games.

why play cod when I could have this!?
and planetside 2!

NYC_Gamer2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

All these machines have purpose in the gaming industry...

Smart Phones

Its sad when people just can't accept.. but would rather bash/hate on other successful hardware built for gaming because of their own diehard mind state/ personal preference

chukamachine2788d ago

That primal carnage looks like a laugh.

I might get that.

But i wouldn't say consoles lack innovation, it takes alot of money to bring a game to console.

And if the game fails.

COD sells well because of the tons of options/ 60fps/ quick loading.

I prefer BF3, Larger maps/ crazy explosions/ tons of players(pc)

But i'll give anything a try.

I do wish Pc had some console games.

Racing, Motorstorm on PC would be fun, Uncharted would look amazing, even though it does already.

Mikhail2788d ago

Post-PC era my a**, desktops are still essential for me because that's a workstation/gaming rig rolled into one. Tablets/smartphones are for casual use and it only kills the lower segment of the market.

Myst2788d ago

Do people really want PC to die or something or at least leave the scene? I mean I find it all to be rather good and enjoyable especially with Steam. Was able to play a lot more games than I had hoped and a lot of good games at that (Killing Floor!). Not to mention several developers give out a lot more free content or do some sort of events which is quite nice to for free. Think that is the beauty and allure of PC and why it as well will keep people there along with their love of high-end graphics :p

mynameisEvil2788d ago

I don't get people who want PC gaming to die... especially since a lot of them have Steam accounts.

Oh, and jew wantz 2 pley KF wid mii? :P

Myst2788d ago

Yeah and Yeah :o always looking for more people to play KF with but I really have not played it in so long lol.

mynameisEvil2788d ago

You definitely should. Still fun. If only it didn't take AGES to level up in that game. ARGH.

Well, feel free to message moi if you want my Steam username. :)

TheModernKamikaze2788d ago

I'm going to upgrade my Desktop from 2008, it only had integrated gpu and 1.8 ghz cpu.

hano2788d ago

PC gaming is not dead, but your PC certainly is.
Yeah, you should revive it now.

Alos882788d ago

Why do so many articles paint the PC as constantly being on the brink of death? I expect that kind of tabloid sensationalism from people who don't play games period, not people in the actual industry.

cynosure2788d ago

Hits.The author knows this website has many console fanboys

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