Duke Nukem Forever: When It's Done

IGN compiled in an article what is known, what is not known and what they want from Duke Nukem Forever. Come get some:

"Is there really any point in joking anymore about how long this game has taken? It's been well over a decade now, and we're still as close to playing this furtive, elusive title as we ever have been. In fact, there have been many times when we've been a heck of a lot closer to seeing the final, definitive Duke Nukem Forever in our hands. That's the purpose of this feature – to take a stroll down the memory banks and look at what was. And there was a lot. With the weight of a decade's worth of expectations resting on 3D Realms' shoulders, now more than ever it's critical that the team delivers on its promises."

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mighty_douche3934d ago

eitherway, im really looking forward to this. DN games have always been a good laugh to play!

mighty_douche3934d ago

think ill still pick up the PC version, this is one game i wouldnt settle for a poor quality console port.

AzaziL3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

After this long, one tends to wonder whether or not the game will even see the light of day. I mean by the time they finish, they'll scrap the whole project again because we'll all be on PS4s and Xbox 720s. Duke Nukem Forever, ya damn right.

rmedtx8883934d ago

The longer it takes for them to release the game the greater the expectations for the game will be and that my not be a good thing. People may expect way more that can be delivered.
It would be great if they will include the original Duke Nukem 3D in it.

mighty_douche, I know what you're talking about. I really hope they will do a good job at porting the game to both Xbox360 and PS3 consoles.