Sony unveils PS3 online PS1, PS2, Genesis, TurboGrafx downloads

Ken Kutaragi, Sony Computer Entertainment president and group CEO, delivered his keynote address "Next-Generation Entertainment Created by the PS3? at the Tokyo Game Show 2006.

He mentioned in the last 12 years, a massive library of games has been built up for PS1 and PS2, about 15,000 in total. The PS3 can emulate those games over the network, and beginning with those with smaller volumes of data, those will be made available to users in 2006.

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LiquifiedArt5847d ago

But i'm sure HOmebrew will come aroudn for all the other stuff anyway.. :) Still cool though

UrbanJabroni5847d ago

Pure speculation, but with Sega supporint Genesis games on all 3 platforms and NEC games confirmed on both the PS3 and Wii, it seems logical for MS to announce TG16 games soon. It would be rather incredulous for NEC to only provide support for 2 consoles.

eques judicii5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

Definitely a rip off of wii's virtual console and xblm... but if they can pull off 15,000 titles I'll be impressed (although browsing that list could be tedious ;-) ) I just want more details before I believe anything like this from sony... it might just be him talking about what is "possible" but not what actually will happen.. notice how it says the ps3 is "capable" not "will"

xrobbanx5847d ago

Its clear that PS3 has no real online strategy just vision. Sorry to say that the PS3 owners never will get the possibility to harness the true power because of lack in online features

Say's you5847d ago

Knowing this is not even close to vision you moronic retard and a speculation highly doubt it,and further more you guy's are not even speculaters only gamers that pretend to be like those excutive game employee's like Phil Harrison or Peter Moore.

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