10 Steps to Perfect PS3 Firmware

Just in case you haven't twigged yet, PlayStation 3 is a constantly evolving console. Sony's Cross Media Bar (XMB) dashboard is fast, easy to use, packed with features and looks cool as cucumber, as our parents might say. Still, it's far from perfect or complete.

Thanks to Sony's regular firmware updates, new features are added to the console on an almost monthly basis - some pushing the PS3's capabilities further, others just catching up to what Xbox 360 can do already.

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killer_trap3938d ago

great article, i agree with it fully. if indeed someday the XBM provides all the things they mentioned then I'd say it's the complete package. i really won't be needing home as much as the stuff they mentioned in the article.

dantesparda3938d ago

This goes out to anybody that knows, but what is better, Linear PCM or Bitstream? And do they slow down the games framerates? And what is the deal with the Bitmapping, which is the best one, 1 or 3? Also how can i tell if super white is working or not? Any game i could look at to tell (demo preferably)? Also, what the deal with the cross color filter, does that only work for super video or does it work on HDMI also?

Also, i would like to add to the list the ability to charge your controllers on it while the system is shut off (at least you can recharge the controllers with your PC, so that's better than nothing)

Also make downloading possible while the system is shut off, just like the 360 does (i know the 360 is not fully shut off, but its at least in a lower power state)

Also make the firmware upgrading faster and smaller like the 360's (I know Sony already said they would be doing something like that, but i think all these things should be happening now or very, very soon!)

Also i like the planet visualizer, but it would be nice to have the option to cycle through both visualizers, the old one and the new planet one.

Also, why is it that it doesnt save the setting to keep repeating videos?


i agree. xmb ties in every aspect of ps3 gaming

aggh im on fire3938d ago

Just give me in-game friends access and i'll be happy.
Can't belive its a year on and its still not on there. Still got a lot of catching up to do on Xboxlive.

masterg3938d ago

Auto demo installing is the one I need to most.

When you download 4-5 demos during the night it would be awesome if they were auto installed after each download finished.

Armyless3938d ago

I would like the option to auto-install, but I can see problems with EVERY download expanding into a shrinking Disc Space.

Plus, I have downloaded some holiday content for game I haven't purchased yet.

bootsielon3938d ago

And a ton of cool features related to multimedia and what not. Can't wait for Blu-ray movies with PSP movie included. Can't wait for even bigger memory sticks to store all the movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.