New PS3 colours approaching

Europe too will get new PlayStation 3 colours.
They will have the following names: Scarlet Red, Classic White and Satin Silver. The red PS3 will launch 16th of May, the white and silver PS3′s will launch in June.

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Brosy2787d ago

They should make a pink PS3. Im sure it would be popular.

Patriots_Pride2786d ago

Not really - I can see were it would be good for little girls but it very hard to resale a pink device.

My girlfriend has a pink 360 wireless controller and she can not get it sold for sh!t.

Spitfire_Riggz2786d ago

Lol, I would have to agree. I was looking for a PS3 control and one guy was like "I dont have the black one anymore but I have a pink one"

ummmm.... peace out!

SuperLupe2787d ago

Would have loved top get a white one.

Blackdeath_6632786d ago

yeah, might get white one or if im feeling brav ill get red. my ps3 broke and sony weren't very helpfull they said they will replace it at 100pounds. was gonna buy a new one but i have exams so the timing of these new colours are perfect.

spunnups2787d ago

forest green would have been my choice if it were an option

chadwarden2787d ago

Keep it black and slick like my hair.

YamiHoshi2787d ago

Sorry for the downtime, it's online again.

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The story is too old to be commented.