Prey 2 not canned, confirms Bethesda, but won’t make 2012

Development of Prey 2 has not been cancelled but the game will not be released in 2012 as planned. The delay is due to the fact that game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet Bethesda's quality standards.

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HBK6192376d ago

Sounds like they were very close to cancelling.

Hopefully it comes out bigger and better than ever, although a game that doesn't meet standards near the end of a dev cycle doesn't bode well even with extra time.

At least it's still going to get a chance.

DeadlyFire2375d ago

Past 2012 = Next Generation builds are coming. Possibly exclusive for one platform on next gen. :)

To me it looks like PS3/X360 version might be on border of getting cut if resources can't spread to next gen versions.

I am expecting PC, PS4, XB3, WiiU version if this lands in late 2013.

DevilishSix2376d ago

Sounds like they may have to bring some individuals in to perform clean up and get the projct finished. Bethesda may even have leaked the cancellation rumor a few weeks back to gauge fan reponse on wether they should cancel or continue and delay.

VanillaBear2376d ago

Well there goes the chance to give the game to someone else who will actually make a true Prey sequel featuring Tommy in the lead role.

It's like everything but a Prey sequel

bunt-custardly2376d ago

Give it up already.

At least we get a game rather than nothing.

VanillaBear2375d ago

1) Give what up...I have nothing to "give up" so you talking a load of crap there

2) "At least we get a game rather than nothing." make it sound like theres a shortage on games

Cajun Chicken2375d ago

This wasn't Prey 2 in the first place.

amaguli2375d ago

Prey 2 must have been looking bad if it failed to meet Bethesda's 'quality' standards.

Oldman1002375d ago

It was probably too polished and didn't have a sufficient amount of bugs to meet their standards. Or maybe they found out that the ps3 version was running better than the 360 version.