Skyrim DLC: Dragon Mounts & Spell Combos – What Could It Be?

Following Bethesda's Skyrim game jam in February and chatter from the studio in recent months, NowGamer has explored the prototypes created by Bethesda and weighed up their potential impact on the game world.

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Feckles2375d ago

Something as good as Shivering Isles, please. Still the best example of DLC ever.

TimmyShire2375d ago

I don't care what it is, I JUST WANT IT!!

FarCryLover1822375d ago

I used to want Skyrim DLC, then I bought Oblivion GOTY, which I have only played 10 hours. Once summer break starts, Im going to be spending a ton of time with Oblivion.

DasTier2374d ago

I don't want dragon mounts, That would be pointless. What I want is more Large scale areas to explore and quest in! Cyrodil, Morrowind, Open up another part of Tamriel for us!

LightofDarkness2374d ago

I agree, I don't even use the horses. Transportation is not an issue in Skyrim, you can fast travel to just about anywhere or close to anywhere you need to go, and walking to places you haven't been yet is half the fun because you get to discover all sorts of weird quests/dungeons etc. If you're hundreds of feet in the air, you'll never see any of it, really.

Daver2374d ago

I want to ride a dragon!!! loll

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