Did the PS Vita Show Too Much of Its Game Face at Launch?

Conventional wisdom: Launch strong, show your best hand, win hearts and minds. Actual wisdom: Stagger your triple-A releases, because forklifting out everything you’ve got off the block and leaving a black hole of game-space between the launch window and holiday lineup is a surefire hardware sales-killer.

That’s the situation Sony’s Vita appears to be in at the moment, nearly two months on, after launching Feb. 22 in the U.S. with a reasonably strong assemblage of new and repackaged albeit popular fare.

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SoldierX2794d ago

I think it hasn't showed enough, after the initial game offerings they have slowed in releasing titles for the Vita. I hope they are not using e3 to catapult themselves into a fall release. vita needs more games now

2794d ago
GribbleGrunger2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

yeah, i can understand where this article is coming from. perhaps it would have been better to have halved the release games and then trickle them in over time.

yesmynameissumo2794d ago

Not at all. Vita should have a pretty killer E3 this year. Hell, Sony in general will.

brettyd2794d ago

Resistance and Gravity Rush the next two months has me more than satisfied.

Hicken2794d ago

ESPECIALLY Gravity Rush, and I'm still waiting for the PS1 feature. Between those two things and all the other stuff that will actually be out on the system before the holidays, I don't see this massive "black hole" of games they're talking about.

And it's STILL more useful than the 3DS was at the same point in time. It's got a better library and features, and that's only going to improve as time goes by.

What do people want? Everything all the time?

DJ2794d ago

Just give it some time. There's no rush. I love my Vita and use it almost every day, and when people ask me about it I simply tell them that it rocks.

It's going to take good word of mouth and a holiday season to really get it going. Right now people are paying their taxes in the U.S., so don't expect awesome sales just yet. $250 is a lot of money. Well, $350 really if you want 32GB of storage like I did.

mcstorm2794d ago

The problem with the PSV is sony are pushing it in the wrong way and have not got the right type of games out for it.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss sales are poor and they are pore for 2 reasons. 1st of all it has no MP and it is also £35 here in the UK you can get Uncharted 3 for £29.99 here in the UK now.

Modnation Racers again could of been a killer game for the PSV but with no online MP The game has a limited play time.

This is part of the reason why the sales are not as good as we all expected.

The price of the device dose not help too but I expect Sony to address this come E3.

I think sony need to get some games like LBP, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro ect on there to get prople to pick them up for the kids and then give the core gamers games like GT, Resi, MGS ect as well as a mix of new IPs like Gravity Rush, Lumines, Little Deviants ect.

I think Sony have made a few mistakes with the PSV like Nintendo did with the 3DS but now 12 months in the 3DS price drop and big name games out it is selling very well and I think if Sony do the same it will all start to pickup for them too.

I really like my 3DS and PSV don't get me wrong they are both amazing consoles and I want them both to do well but sony need to get things sorted out quickly with the PSV before Nintendo's 3DS kills off the PSV before it even had chance to get going.

Ult iMate2794d ago

>>you can get Uncharted 3 for £29.99 here in the UK now
Wait what? We are talking about handheld games. Can you play Uncharted 3 on the go? And you comparing the price of an old Uncharted with a new one? Realy?

mcstorm2794d ago

You don't see my point do you?

Ult iMate2794d ago

Your point has no sence.

garos822794d ago

agree totally with mcstorm. +bubbles

vita has had one of the largest game launches in consoles first day history and people are crying about lack of games JUST 2 MONTHS after release? give it a break already. the tech is solid, the machine is a beast, i havent bought one yet but i have a sneaky suspicion E3 around the corner will open the flood gates to hundreds of titles for the VITA in the upcoming 2 years. ill probably pick one up during the summer