Spoiled Little Emperors: Mass Effect And The Three Other Most Severe Cases Of 'Gamer Entitlement'

"If nothing else, the phrase ‘gamer entitlement’ has lost its edge, serving as a lazy sit-in for an actual argument," writes Forbes contributor Erik Kain, weighing in on three cases of "gamer entitlement", other than Mass Effect 3.

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FrightfulActions2790d ago

A better article would be "the companies are always right and the consumer should STFU!" or even "the day people confused being a fans with 'entitled'"

aliengmr2789d ago

Wow! Someone is late to the party. Title says everything. Maybe someone could write an article on "originality".

PooEgg2789d ago

This is actually a good article, and I suspect the comments above come from people who are judging on title alone, without reading the article. No big, we all do it sometimes, but this is one time I recommend actually reading the article, because Forbes actually takes the pro-gamer approach as opposed to the 'entitled' gamer approach. Which is a breath of fresh air, when you consider many of the gaming websites are very anti-gamer pro-game developer.

Hicken2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

The sad thing is that, had they simply read the tiny bit of smaller print underneath, they would have gotten a more correct impression of what the article is about.

And you're right: it IS a good article. I wish it had taken a look at a few other articles as well as the one it critiques, but it still gets the point across: half this "entitlement" crap is just that. CRAP.

PooEgg2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I would have liked a few other articles mentioned as well. It would be great to have a full list of gaming sites that think gamers are 'entitled brats', so I could avoid them. As a gamer I want to use gaming websites that care about bringing unbiased news to gamers, as opposed to the ones that simply serve as marketing tools for game companies.

vortis2788d ago

Forbes is all right in my book. They do right by gamers. Sensationalist headline? Yeah, so what. At least, unlike IGN, they know that core consumers are the heart and blood pumping life into the industry.

People keep thinking the top-heavy part of gaming can be supported by casuals but it's just no true. Without the "entitled" core bunch Mass Effect wouldn't even be mainstream...neither would Halo, and especially not Call of Duty.

PooEgg2788d ago

I agree. I have recently become a fan of Forbes.

I think the thing that surprised me most about the whole ME3 drama was the unprofessional way IGN and other gaming websites reacted to it. While I do understand that reporters have their own opinions, I also think that they need to be mindful of their audience. They could have took a stand towards not changing the ending, without insulting gamers, but instead they took the low road. I know I won't be using IGN for gaming news ever again.