Thief 4: More than just stealth

Thief 4 is more than just stealth.

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BldyShdw2789d ago

More stuff than stealth I am okay with only if the leave stealth the primary focus.

lastdual2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Statements like this worry me. The stealth in Thief was so compelling partly because combat was *not* a viable option. Garrett was vulnerable and very likely to die if he was ever outnumbered.

It wouldn't have worked if the stealth mechanics weren't great, but thankfully they were. The danger added a real sense of tension. Don't mess this up Eidos!

MariaHelFutura2789d ago

The next statement will be "we are taking inspiration from Call of Duty".

ATi_Elite2788d ago

WoW I can't wait for Thief 5!

Airstrikes, Chopper Gunner Perks, and a Mp mode!

Call of the Thief: Stealth Ops!

NYC_Gamer2789d ago

I guess they wanna dumb it down and make it more action based

DigitalAnalog2789d ago

I wonder if they can top that in the next thief?

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