One of the top StarCraft II gamers in Asia is a...Taiwanese model

This is not exactly the person you would expect to be one of the top gamers in Asia, but Taiwanese celebrity, Linda Liao has dominated gamers worldwide in a real-time strategy game, StarCraft II.

Playing under the nickname 'pikachu', she was the grand champion of the Electronic Sports League (ESL) StarCraft II female championship in 2010, beating 31 other female professional players.

She is currently Razer's (manufacturer of professional gaming hardware) top female StarCraft II star and has been selected by the company to endorse its products.

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killerhog2785d ago

maybe its not her? just how celebs here in the U.S dont really use facebook, myspace, twitter, etc., but have a secretary or w/e that does for them? cause really, im starting not to believe any of this anymore. it seems everyone in korea is playing video games 24/7, instead of going to work or school. i think it's just a publicity stunt to get attention and popularity. it wouldnt surprise me either. here in the U.S you already have celebs using video games to garner more attention, who dont know jack about them. you already got models/pornstars making money of videos games they have no clue about.

hkgamer2785d ago

how comes you don't believe her? she won a competition didnt she? I guess the competition was live in asia with cameras showing her actually playing.

What is so surprising that a taiwanese model can be good at a game? Isn't it exactly the same as any other person with a different occupation?
Didn't some Doctor/Surgeon become the new world record holder for Donkey Kong? I mean surgeons have less free time then models right? So do you think that is fake as well?

kurochi2785d ago Show
DragonKnight2785d ago

LMFAO! That was hilarious. The one I posted makes everyone nearly throw up when they hear the difference though.

cynosure2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Here is her Team liquid wiki
It states shes a singer and actress

GraveLord2784d ago Show