How video games help disabled people (Hooked Gamers)

Hooked Gamers writes: "Andy McNamara, editor-in-chief of Game Informer magazine, writes a monthly opening letter that touches on a variety of subjects and issues pertaining to games and gaming culture. It is always an interesting read but one he wrote a few months back struck a particular chord with me that proved difficult to shake.

In the letter, Andy talked about the strides gamers and game developers have been making in regards to charity and giving back. He delved into one particular example; the story of how a young fourth-grader named Owain who had recently been diagnosed with leukemia was given the chance to live out his greatest dream to make his own video game. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation and the developers over at PopCap Studios, Owain’s dream became a reality.

The letter got me thinking about just how much the video game industry has done to help people like Owain not only live out their dreams but also live better lives in general. Considering the technical breakthroughs game designers have achieved, it would make sense that some could be put to good use."

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AAWELLS092785d ago

Do you no longer do a podcast at Hooked Gamers? I miss them and would listen to every episode.

Kiriel2781d ago

Unfortunately the podcast is on a long-term hiatus. It may return but if it does, it will be with different hosts.

AAWELLS092781d ago

Man thats a bummer. That podcast was among the only few that i would listen to. Id always be cracking up listening to it. Hopefully it gets up and running again soon.

Kiriel2780d ago

Yeah we thought the guys were pleasantly nuts as well. :) To be honest, we weren't sure if anyone cared, so it's nice to hear that we did have some fans. :)