Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - We are Tekken Trailer

Watch the latest Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - We are Tekken trailer from Namco Bandai Games.

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Reaper99372787d ago

I use to be a huge Tekken fan and Tag was one of my favorite in the series. This game is just the horrible Tekken 6 with a tag mode lazily added to it, absolutely no innovation in the gameplay at all.

Baka-akaB2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

You obviously havent played it anyway , and no the silly paid alpha demo from hybrid doesnt really count . Just like GT prologue got nothing on the main gt titles .

If you did i doubt you'd be calling it "just tekken 6 with tag" . I didnt enjoy at all t6 btw , it's only saving grace imo were the new chars and the fact they at least nailed a rather decent character balance ( well the most balanced tekken of the serie , but the most boring one) .

GoldenAge2787d ago

To be honest the only thing I ever want new in Tekken is for them to give Christie and Eddy more difference.

Nitpicky I know but that's me.

Baka-akaB2787d ago

Not really i always felt that while they started as skin swap , the minute they decided they would be different characters using two slots , they should have different moves .

Or else just go back to alternative swap via button press