Super Monkey Ball gets sexy with bonus “Adult Map”

Xbigy Games says: Sega announced today that Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz for the PS Vita will be released with its own 'adult map'.

The map will feature several images of Yukie Kawamura, who featured in the ludicrous video below, which randomly had the model screaming and rolling around on the floor with her PS Vita.

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Snookies122377d ago

Haha, how much you wanna bet this WON'T be in releases outside of Japan? XD

-Ninja-2377d ago

Spank that monkey, SPANK HIM!!!

MySwordIsHeavenly2377d ago

Just give me the freaking game already...

MmaFan-Qc2377d ago

indeed, any words on the estimated release date?

MySwordIsHeavenly2376d ago

Nope. I just want it to come out. ;)