Sony to make 200 playable PS3 units available on the show floor

During the Sony Tokyo Game Show conference, it has been announced that Sony will make 200 playable PlayStation 3 consoles available on the show floor. This is in sharp contrast to last year's TGS when Sony barely offered new information on their upcoming console.

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uuuunvnv25848d ago

wow, good call on that one. they have 200 units, with 10 games........

cosmoracer5848d ago

Here it is. The moment of truth. I have been waiting forever to see if Sony has anything better to offer. I am excited. Personally, I hope Sony suprizes us. Unfortunately Sony never surpized us with something better. They always deliver half of what they promise. Maybe I should just buy my 360 now instead of waiting to see what Sony puts out.

I guess it shouldn't matter, cause Sony's never going to have Halo.

The_Firestarter5848d ago

Go ahead and "jump in" the 360 while the rest of us are gonna "play b3yond" wtih Devil May Cry 4, Metal GearSolid 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Ridge Racer 7, Resident Evil 5, Unreal Tournament '07, Genji 2, Virtual Fighter 5, Kill Zone 3, Amored Core 4, Assassin's Creed, LAIR, Resistance, Army Of 2, Motorstorm, and Fatal Inertia! WOOT WOOT!!!

UrbanJabroni5848d ago didn't take the time to list exclusives only. These are just the CONFIRMED duplicates:

Resident Evil 5
Amored Core 4
Assassin's Creed
Army Of 2

Not to mention I'm sick of this garbage argument on this site. Yes, you will be "playing" MGS4, but people with a 360 will be playing Halo 3, you will be playing resistence, and 360 owners will be playing Gears of War. Every time someone makes this half-assed attempt to make their console "better" someone responds with the list of the opposite consoles exclusives. It is played out people.

Both consoles will have exclusives...the argument is just totally nonsensical. Can we maybe find a new "standard" reply for those without a basic foundation in logical debate.

The_Firestarter5845d ago

Hey like you're not trying to make the 360 sound better? Halo 1 & 2 isn't that great and GOW looks so plain, just like that game Kill Switch. Duck and shoot, woooooow.

shikwan5848d ago

Isn't that the amount of 3D0s that got sold?

UrbanJabroni5848d ago

Hey, I picked up a 3DO on ebay and that console rocked! It had lots of good games like...

...umm...theres...the game...


never mind. I'll go back to playing with my Jaguar.

BlindPublic5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

Looks like they had to cut the ammount of launch consoles down again to 99801 for Japan, and 399999 for the US.

Marriot VP5848d ago

well 2 months before launch and they've finally scrapped the dev kits.

On to the PS3, can they supply japan and america

UrbanJabroni5848d ago

Not to mention that they changed (however slight) the architecture of the core system to include HDMI sometime in the past few months. Not exactly confidence building Sony. Maybe you should finish the hardware sometime soon?

BlindPublic5848d ago

My guess is that they never removed the HDMI to begin with. I was under the impression it was required by Blu-Ray. Perhaps they claimed to remove to with the intention to later reveal it was added back in to appear better.