More Metal Gear Solid 4 Details

Now that CES is here the floodgates on Metal Gear Solid 4 is beginning to open up and the information is sliding through. That is how we are able to bring you some of the newest details regarding Metal Gear Solid 4 at CES.

PlayStation Universe is not attending the event this year but from the great number of info we are getting in, we are able to relay some of the core aspects regarding MGS4. First off, it is the same demo that was played at the 2007 E for All convention last October in Los Angeles, which means that nothing groundbreaking comes, but we can report that the acceptance of the Dual Shock 3 controller works hand in hand with MGS4. Secondly, Konami is not able to confirm if the game will run on 60fps at 1080p. As reported earlier, the game switches from 30fps to 60fps depending on what is going on, on screen. Finally, Konami is not setting MGS4 to a solid release date just yet, but they are giving hint for an announcement coming late February, which is around the time of the Game Developer's Conference from February 18th-22nd.

So it is good to see something regarding MGS4 coming from CES, but going from Konami's word, something concrete should be coming a month from now.

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mighty_douche3962d ago

Not really anything new.

But stick MGS in the headline and ill read it. well, unless its the "MGS coming to the 360?", i dont come here to read jokes.

Gaara_7243962d ago

ummm maybe it wil be that its geting released in march?

WAR_MACHINE773962d ago

yeah... I'm going to say no. If this announcement will be at the end of feb and they said it'll release in march, that would mean they would have to be finished and half way through printing discs. So I highly doubt we will see this game before late april at earliest.

Leathersoup3962d ago

I wish these companies would spend more time working on the game as compared to working on putting out details.