PlayStation Suite Open Beta Goes Live, Develop Apps for Vita

As promised, Sony’s cross-platform PlayStation Suite SDK has officially reached open beta status. Anyone, without having to enter in a contractual agreement with Sony, can now develop apps that target PlayStation Certified devices — including the PS Vita.

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Snookies122374d ago

Awesome, this certainly is a great step forward for Sony.

Trying to learn a little C# myself, see if I can accomplish anything with this.

xAlmostPro2373d ago

Maybe now these hackers claiming to fight for 'homebrew' etc will stop their antics against sony now?.. maybe they weren't being douchebags but instead creating a tool?..

Anyways this is cool, like @Snookies12 i've been looking at learning c# mostly for app use so this is awesome :D

supremacy2373d ago

This is good news indeed.

uwazir2373d ago

good news. now come on developers and geeks at home use those genius brains of urs and develop some gd apps for the vita plz.

MySwordIsHeavenly2373d ago

GOOD! Let's hope a lot of Android/iOS games come to Vita. The back touch pad is perfect for games like Angry Birds or Tiny Wings. Trust me...I don't want to see shovelware on the Vita either, but more games = more sales. Sony should know this by now.

dboyman2373d ago

How about some non gaming apps too? Vita is like a small tablet...

illidari2373d ago

The backtouch pad isn't useable yet through PSS.

MySwordIsHeavenly2373d ago

What? Seriously? That's...stupid. Why do they even have it if nobody can use it? It's great in Escape plan and Uncharted.

MmaFan-Qc2373d ago

maybe because its a beta?

Apocwhen2373d ago

What app(s) would people like to see developed? Give me ideas :)

tinezedw2373d ago

Battery widget,one of those that shows What percent it's left in it,and a video player too,cant' play most videos online yet.

Hicken2373d ago

Definitely need the video ability.

one2thr2373d ago

*A calculator app
*A Graphing Calculator app
*Visual player(s) for music
*Html5/Adobe enable app
*File content downloader/uploader app
*Software based app that reduces the amount of "noise" in both cameras
*An animation maker (from camera shots, or on screen drawings)
*Bluetooth/ad-hoc/wifi chat/messenger
*Full functioning GPS app(for 3G models)
*An over clocking app( optional, there are overclockers out there)
*Digital compass
*Bluetooth/wifi multidirectional radar
*Video chat/messenging app
*Gmail & Yahoo mail app
*Better video player (plays most audio/video formats)
*Dynamic themes
*Bluetooth remote app for PS3(For movies, etc.)
*On some occasions emulators
*More games
*Games better than said, games(asterisk above)
*Sound/voice recorder
*Bluetooth file/data transferring app
*A system utility app (to see whats going on, and what resources are being used)
*App that has side by side view of both cameras (When there on)
*A panaroma picture taking app
*A vita displacement app (tracks your movement, and direction the moment its enabled and draws/sketch a different things on screen that mimics your travel(s) to your destination)
*A contacts list(of people, people actually know)

Snookies122373d ago

Holy poop! That's a lot of ideas, and awesome ones at that! If even half of these make it to the Vita, it will be amazing...

dboyman2373d ago

Maybe we should also have custom Android 4.0 and access to Google Play...

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