Wake-Up Club Now on Japan PSN. It Has Trophies.

The Vita App "Wake-up Club" has been released on Japanese PSN.

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Nitrowolf22377d ago

Cool. I wonder when Sony gonna get PS Suit out and running with all the apps. I love PS Vita, but honestly I want to see more apps.

"To my knowledge this marks the first free game/app that comes with trophies"
Motor Storm RC was free with a Plat trophy
and weclomepark app, though pre-loaded already, has them to.

sinncross2377d ago

PS Suite is more about games then it is about apps, and that is how it should stay.

But some of these apps are pretty neat

MasterCornholio2377d ago

It will be nice to know how many people wake up at the same time as I do.

Lol what a quirky little app.


bubwright2377d ago

is it just me or do they all have morning eyes :T