Let Kratos Go

GR's DeShaun Zolliocffer

It’s official—we’re getting a new God of War game folks, but it isn’t a sequel to GOW3, nope, it appears to be another prequel with Kratos back in the lead role (God of War: Ascension). Now there’s no doubt that this will be one hell of a game, but enough is enough. It’s time to let Kratos go.

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-Alpha2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

"Everyday I hear stories about what’s killing the industry, but the truth is shit like this is killing the industry. Once the publishers strike gold, they cling to it, and release tons of unnecessary sequels, and in GOW’s case, prequels. It’s disgusting—everyone is afraid to take a risk."

Hey now, Santa Monica is behind games like Flower, PixelJunk, Journey, Warhawk, Twisted Metal, Fat Princess, Sound Shapes, Sorcery, Escape Plan. They are the last people to be complaining about.

Let's not focus the blame on God of War: I can complain all day about the stagnancy of publishers and sequels all day, but old IPs have just as much a right to be here as new IPs, and when SMS is behind some fantastic, daring, innovative IPs, I can't complain.

It sounds more like a Ratchet Deadlocked/Halo Reach title-- a side game apart from the main series, but I always say that if a milked game still tastes great, then it doesn't hurt anybody. In fact, Sony/SMS would be stupid to put resources towards a new IP at this point in the generation when they can just make profits off of a good God of War sidestory and probably build up funds to contribute to the inevitable, proper, GoW4.

Why is this a bad thing considering SMS's history? I consider it fact that Halo, Ratchet, Forza, and God of War have seen many, many sequels in maybe shorter time than we'd like, but the consistency of quality is still pretty strong for these franchises.

Nitrowolf22788d ago

Yep. Santa Monica has done a bunch this Gen. And they also have that other title called Datura coming out.

I can see where some people could be disappointed. i like the GOW series and Kratos, but was kind of hoping it would be in a new era with a new lead character. Still gonna buy Ascension though.

SuperLupe2788d ago

I think the problem is that though the graphics have ecolved over the years the gameplay hasnt so people have the feeling they're always playing the same game.

I wont be excited for this new GOW if the gameplay is the same as GOW3.

That said, if it isnt broken dont fix it. But GOW's gameplay isnt broken, just a tad outdated for todays standards.

Tapioca Cold2788d ago

No. I absolutley disagree with you.

God of War is awesome and I will play new God of War games as long as they make them. If you want something new there are lots of choices.

The real problem with the gaming industry is the journalists and incessant and blatant fanboyism with their complaining and whining.

Go play Kinect Star Wars. That's what everyone seems to want.

torchic2788d ago

what are you on about? you are the one being a God of War fanboy hear insulting people for no reason whatsoever.

people are just saying that they were expecting something new, especially from a studio as talented as Sony Santa Monica. that's it.

if you're going to throw big words around, at least know what they mean, and how to use them.

morganfell2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

If anything is killing gaming it is the overload of self appointed, guardians of the industry that want to tell us what's best for us despite the fact a legion of buyers will make idiots out of them on launch day.

Theses mystical beings from the Olympus of insight understand quite clearly that we mere mortal peons are imbeciles and have no idea what we enjoy when it comes to games.

Let's all get down on our knees and be thankful for adolescent rage god sites like geekrevolt and praise them for telling us that the enjoyment we get from certain titles is false and we are really deceiving ourselves. All hail mighty (pretend) journalists come to save us from ourselves!

IHateYouFanboys2788d ago

"Santa Monica is behind games like Flower, Pixeljunk......."

Woah woah woah - no, they weren't. They collaborated with the actual developers on those titles, but they did NOT develop nor were they behind any of those games. God of war 3 is the only Santa Monica developed game this generation.

Now that's been said, completely agree with the article. We already have 2 unnecessary prequels, we don't need a third.

Gamer30002788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

your name does not fit you at all
jelly ??

did someone else notice that kratos was Wounded and Hanging with chains around his legs and Hidas dogs trying to bite him
and you can see at the end of the trailer the cut in his Stomach???
he is in the underworld that no one Controls it
i think come 30 this mounth
SM will Confirm that this is god of war iv
or maybe i'm wrong

humbleopinion2788d ago

While I was wondering just like you why Alpha attributed all these games to Santa Monica while ignoring the actual developers, I still find a flaw in your arguments:

You complain that we We already have 2 unnecessary prequels, right? But it's now you who's forgetting that both these games were also not developed by Santa Monica but rather by Ready at Dawn. How about you let Santa Monica come up with their own prequel and see how good it is before claiming that "we" (in plural) don't need it.

-Alpha2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I wasn't saying they developed them, just that they were behind them. I see your point though, sorry if I implied otherwise. But regardless, I don't see a reason to pick on SMS or God of War, especially if they give us a quality title in Ascension, and especially when there are worse offenders out there.

Again, if the title is good, then there is nothing to worry about, those wanting a GoW IV need to understand that it's smarter for Sony to save that for PS4, and that logically leaves us with a sidestory for the PS3-- after building the engine, it would be terrible if they didn't capitalize on a second GoW game for this gen.

Ins4neMembr4ne_2788d ago

I love GOW trust me, probably my favourite sony ip in all honesty. However I am not excited for this game, I know for a fact the gameplay will be smooth and fun, the graphics will be first class and the production value will be through the roof but the story is what will be lacking for me. We all ready know Kratos past and although it will be fun to play through it and learn in greater detail I find it disheartening when I realise there will be no big twist endings etc. We already know the ending of the game because we have played five games before that pretty much piece together what Kratos life was like in the beginning of his Demi God era.

Not trolling here I actually just expected SM to come out will a new IP and save GOW4 for the PS4 launch.

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Shok2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Honestly I'm tired of the prequels. I mean their fine, but I don't think they should get in the way of the sequels. The GOW prequels should stay on the handheld IMO, and leave the actual sequels for the consoles.

Don't let this go the Kingdom Hearts route, Kingdom Hearts is really starting to annoy me. I know I'm not being forced to play the games but I'm the kind of gamer who just likes to see what happens next.

Maybe I'm over-reacting, but it's just that after GOW III's ending, I'm DYING to know what happens with Kratos.

rezzah2788d ago

Personally I don't see how this is part of the KH route, where that KH has had only 1 prequel (BBS) and GOW currently 2.

In no way is GOW series connected to KH's, though I doubt any series is. For the simple fact that there is almost 1 KH game for separate gaming devices. No other series does what is done to the KH series to that great of an extent.

It really is sad.

Still I can understand the lack of enthusiasm for another prequel. But I like my strong story driven games, and will enjoy the story of what exactly lead up to Kratos bowing to Ares.

Godmars2902788d ago

Honestly, was hoping for something more than a prequel. Like the world being put back together after GOW3.

-Alpha2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Next gen:

PlayStation Four:

-God of War Four
-Uncharted Four
-Killzone Four

I can see an epic ad campaign for their launch if they do that

rezzah2788d ago

I agree, that would be pretty epic.

Also if That gaming Company can get a early game release it would help in balancing the three you mentioned.

of course I'm sure Sony would like to have a variety of genres out on the first day, like they did with the Vita (I don't recall the others).

KingofGambling2788d ago

honorable mentions Resistance 4 and Infamous 4 if Infamous 3 coming this gen.

Afterlife2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Hey it's only the 2nd God of War game on the PS3 excluding the ports. There's worse offenders out there, COD and Assassins Creed.

rezzah2788d ago

While you are correct in the amount released on the system, I look more towards passion and well drawn out stories within games.

So though you mention AC as a possible negative in comparison to the second GOW for the PS3, I find that COD is the only choice worth mentioning.

Reason being that AC, though it may have a ton of game releases, its story is quite amazing and vast in the knowledge of the world. This isn't information you come across easily, and since it doesn't follow history precisely every available knowledge must be known. This shows passion for gaming, to conduct deep research and create a rich story around limited info.

On the other hand, we have CoD, a game confirmed to be released every November until we all die. Multiple companies working for yearly releases, continuous stories losing their taste overtime (MW3 ended was terrible). The main progression of CoD is not through passion but of business tactics. To create the most limited additions in order to save time and money in order to gain huge profits.

Coming from a business point of view this is a wonderful idea, but from a gamer who loves well thought out stories and passion in games CoD is now crap. Only CoD 1,2, and 4 are the best representations of how great CoD used to be.

But thought I say this, it is all my opinion on the matter. You don't have to agree with it.

smashcrashbash2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Yeah, if we let Kratos go then we should let Mario, Master Chief, Zelda, Assassins Creed, Sonic and everything else out there that the other companies are using constantly. Tell me exactly why should Sony Santa Monica be the ones to give up Kratos while everyone else uses their characters as much as they want with no complaints.

I have called for no more prequels and forwards and backwards time jumps with Zelda and if I even mention it I get mobbed by everyone and shouted down. So why should SSM risk alienating the fanbase with a new character like Capcom did with DMC? Why is Sony always the one being told to stop making games and using characters while everyone else gets away with it scot free? To listen to the ungrateful gamers cry 'Why did you change Kratos. This new guy sucks' then not buy the game because of it.Why doesn't Nintendo let Zelda go on adventures or talk about someone else in Hyrule for once. But you almost never hear anyone calling for that.What suddenly Sony gamers are too high and mighty to play prequels and sequels to games.

Since when has it become Sony and friends job to keep everything fresh and new while everyone else can suck their franchises dry and grind them to powder with no slow down in sales? Everyone will run out and buy Halo 4,5,6,7 and COD 10 and Assassins Creed 15 and Mario 100 without blinking their eyes but GOW MUST stop.

Why is it that somehow Sony's games are always what is wrong with the industry? Why isn't the linearity of Zelda or the copy pasting of COD or the constant glitches of Bethestha ever what's wrong with the industry? Just like with UC3.suddenly it was the poster child how linear games are when games like Zelda and most shooters have been linear for years

360GamerFG2788d ago

Master Chief has only been in 4 games though, thats including Halo 4. Just putting it out there.

BigBoss19642788d ago

That's because as a character Master Chief is as bad as they come

360GamerFG2788d ago Show
360GamerFG2788d ago

What's with all the disagrees? Master Chief has been playable in 4 Halo games so far. . .unless you want to count CEA then we'll have to count the ps2 hd remasters and psp remasters for Kratos too

SuperLupe2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Dude its not a conspiracy.

If you followed Skywards Swords reviews the main complain is that "people" (according to reviewers) were tired of the Zelda formula and it got rated down.

This time it seems that not everybody wants a new GOW, hell a lot of people on this site would have preferred a HS2 rather than a GOW4 let alone a GOW prequel.

So stop already with your consipracy bullcrap geez.

smashcrashbash2788d ago

Oh yeah right. I remember all the 6s and 7s Skyward Sword got for it's tired old formula and the cries from everyone to stop making Zelda games and make something else or the cry of having a new character *sarcasm*. Come on just stop. I am pointing out what I have observed.

I have listened to the 'Stop making UC' and the 'Stop making R and C' and the 'Stop making Resistance games' and the 'stop making Motorstorm' cries before, all games that scored above average and sold over a million units and you never hear it as much as with other tired over used series. It just surprises me how PS3 owners always see the tedium or over milking of their own exclusives and no one else can see theirs. And to make it worse the same people who talk about those are the same people who run out to buy every war shooter developers crap out every year

Zelda went backwards, forwards, through time, before Ganon, after Ganon, before Zelda, young Link, older Link and every direction and people ate it up and somehow that is okay but with Sony Santa Monica it's a cash grab and a disappointment and they need to change the character with people forgetting what crap DMC 4 was when they just upped and changed the character. If Kratos must go,so should every other game and character other companies have been over using over the years. It might actually be good for the industry. If not then STFU. I have a long list of things that need to stop and/or go away forever and they will NOT end them no matter how many reasons I give or how much I or anyone complains.

In short if we are going to start dragging the God of War series over hot coals for sequels, prequels and over milking then make sure and toss everything else like it in there too. Mario and Assassins Creed first.Also how many people wanted HS2 over GOW? Did you take role or do a head count or something? After the way HS performed it was doubtful they would risk making another one.

SuperLupe2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I stopped at the 1st pgraph of your wall of conspiracy dribble.

Sorry you wasted your time responding, that said I shouldnt argue with fools in the first place.

-Alpha2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

"I have called for no more prequels and forwards and backwards time jumps with Zelda"

To be fair, it's not a Sony-only thing. I'd say the same applies for Zelda as it does God of War: if the franchise is still really solid despite a long (over)continuation of it, and there are lots of fans who enjoy the games, there is nothing wrong with releasing these kinds of games. How do you find Zelda to be linear, by the way?

maniacmayhem2787d ago



There has been numerous articles on the problem of the re-use of CoD and its formula. Seriously where were you when MW3 was released?

Every franchise is accused of milk sooner or later. I'm sure if you use the search function on here or even Google you'll find your share of specific company/franchise bashing.

In other words for the 50th time....

There is no conspiracy against Sony.

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