TGS: Ken Kutaragi's PS3 keynote (Live Report)

2AM BST Friday morning (10AM in Tokyo), Sony Computer Entertainment president and group CEO Ken Kutaragi will march up to the podium of the International Conference Hall at Makuhari Messe to deliver his keynote address, "Next-Generation Entertainment Created by the PS3". With that, the Tokyo Game Show 2006 will be properly underway, and we'll find out just what Sony plans to do to lash back at the backlash that's discoloured the fabric of PS3's launch campaign in recent months. Eurogamer will be on hand providing live text commentary of the keynote as it unfolds, and this is the page you want to be following that from.

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MoonDust5848d ago

don't even bother listening to him.

FeralPhoenix5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

Who wants to bet that Ken will say something dumb? If Sony knew what was good for them, they would gag Ken, tie him up, lock him in a small room somewhere, and just tell the media he's at home sick.

TheXgamerLive5848d ago

It's the most freaking boring speach i've ever been subjected too.

TheXgamerLive5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

Please sony, stop. Much to do about nothing. Ok, I gave it a chance, I'm going back to my XBOX 360 "live". Bye Bye!!

GamerX25848d ago

8.10 -

Sony will work with publishers to decide what titles to make available, and how to charge for them - pay to play models are possible, for example. They hope to massively expand the range of game content available over the network.

18:57.32 -

Emulators for old systems - Mega Drive and PC Engine titles can be downloaded over the network as well.

18:57.00 -

Good lord! Is that a real announcement at last?

18:56.51 -

The PS3 can emulate those titles over the network, and beginning with those with smaller volumes of data, those will be made available to users in that manner. He first talked about that possibility in 2000 when the PS2 launched - this year it will become a reality

m235848d ago

this is so boring so far, he's saying a whole bunch of BS, talk about some games man