Quid Pro Quo Broken, Sony, Midway and Ubisoft Retaliate Against EGM

Now that the bomb has been dropped. Sarcastic Gamer picks up the pieces and tells you exactly how the strong arming of gaming news can be done by the mega-merged companies that control the gaming industry.

From the article: "Quid Pro Quo. It's a latin term that means 'something for something.' The Sonys, Midways, and Ubisofts of the world grant early access to big projects in exchange for the cover of the respective magazines. In my opinion, this exchange occurs with the understanding that the coverage will be good and I wholeheartedly believe that it is understood by both parties."

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LGFreedom3939d ago

Looks like even the big print publications aren't immune to the strong arm tactics... what's next Magazine being the only thing in town?

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CeruleanSky3939d ago

And the hammer falls! The cesspool of Xbox fanboys that is EGM and 1Up just got publicly bïtchslapped hard.

EGM/1Up is nothing more than a marketing branch of Microsoft and a training ground for future Microsoft employees.

The downside for the Xbots at EGM/1Up? No more being able to trash non-Xbox titles.

The upside for the Xbots at EGM/1Up? More time now to hype Halo 3!

EGM/1Up what a shïtstain on the gaming world.

toughNAME3939d ago

why are reporting this article as a duplicate? cant you read? Atleast do some research before you call others out buddy

bad Sony news is STILL news

im reporting you to the admin!
enjoy your ban!!11!

(its annoying isn't it?)

Genuine3939d ago

Curelean your about as backward as TANOD and kingofps3. Sony has been caught red handed not once but twice trying to strong-arm the media (who can forget Kotaku). What about those rootkit viruses? Or maybe the fake fansite they got caught using to promote the playstation brand? How about Sony changing the Halo 3 wikipedia page? How about trying pass cgi off as real gameplay? The list goes on and on. Actually, I wouldn't be the least bit suprised if alot of you are paid Sony employees.


wageslave3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

You have *SERIOUS* reading comprehension issues loser.

Go and read the article again. The article is an editorial by the staff AT EGM saying "Sony, ubisoft and midway have been buying reviews, when we refused, they blackballed us".

So, they are saying A) our reviews have-not, can-not and will-not be bought (and are therefore *honest* reviews (ie: good scores deserved for Xbox 360 games, bad for PS3 -- and *others* who give good reviews for PS3 are suspect)) and B) SONY has been trying to buy us off.

And, You are a ridiculous fool.

JSA-Gamer3939d ago

Is it really comming to this?

GamerSigma3939d ago

Finally someone just comes out and says what everyone else is thinking. No wonder every single "advance" review is always positive.

Unbelieveable. This article hit the nail on the head.

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