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Nitrowolf22375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

This looks awesome. Amazon, ruining Sony surprise lol. I wonder where they are going.
I would be surprised if this was a fall 2012 release to.

Crazyglues2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

yeah I actually like that for the cover.. Really nice... Now Let's just hope the game is awesome.


sinncross2375d ago

Oh flip... incredible looking box art. Hope they keep this for final release.

HBK6192375d ago

Agreed, awesome box art. One of the best I've seen, encompasses everything that is God of War.

2375d ago
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Convas2375d ago

Good grief, can nothing be kept quiet even for a little while? Just a few more hours till tomorrow, for crying out loud!

Abash2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Just saw the trailer, it is a prequel

Hoje03082375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I'm guessing four will be saved for PS4.
Edit: Apparently the idiot that handed you the disagree is too lazy or dumb to search for the trailer on YouTube.

MattyG2375d ago

But wasn't Chains of Olympus a prequel too? I wonder which will come first.

subtenko2374d ago

@Hoje0308, thanks for the slight hope on 4 coming out. I wanna see what happens after the ending in GOW3 dagonit! LOL Like where do you go from there? Crazy stuff, dealing with the cosmos I'm thinking.

But this prequel looks like it will be hardcore too. They already did a prequel already tho so this will go somewhere else. Idk where though..I need more info

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colonel1792375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I think is better having no number, and "Ascension" sounds cool.

The reason I don't like numbers is because it limits the game sequels. They should only be for direct continuation of a game, and not just for another game in the franchise.

Example: Uncharted. The three games are like different chapters or story, although related, they are not a continuation from one another (directly), so they should have stuck with only subtitles. Since they are not direct sequels, there could be 10 uncharted games, but it would be bad to have Uncharted 10: Subtitle... At least that's why I don't like the numbers in Final Fantasy either.

On the other hand, GOW was a franchise that ended in cliffhangers and continued right where the previous game left off.

This GOW game could mean that either will be a spin off, or will continue the story at a later time (or maybe another prequel) so having a number wouldn't make sense

smashcrashbash2375d ago

Ascension? That sounds awesome and ominous. I wonder what it means? Does He gets to a different level like Athena did? Or now that he killed all the other Gods he is going to be the main God of the world? Or is he tired of being in everyone else's shadow and tries to gain his own powers? Or does he die from the wound he got from the sword and he reaches some other place reserved for heroes or Gods? Or does he go on a quest to stop all the chaos the killing of the Gods caused to try and fix it all? I am so stoked. Hurry up and ANNOUNCE IT SONY!!!!!!!

BitbyDeath2375d ago

I think it'll be Krato's rise to power.
Meaning we'll control him and do Ares bidding.

subtenko2374d ago

Hmmm so like a RTS controlling type game (without the standard view of a RTS maybe; suited for GOW specifically)

Is that what you are kind of thinking? I've never thought about something like that! They really could expanded on the GOW series more!

You could control everyone on the planet and cause a bunch of havoc. SO basically a sandbox game like GTA but for GOW <--- THIS :D

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BitbyDeath2374d ago

Lol, not what i was thinking but that sounds good too.

starchild2375d ago

Cool. I am excited for this one. I like the box art too.

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