The List of Shame: Games That We Haven't Beaten

It takes a strong person to admit his or her shortcomings. In a gamer’s case, it takes a strong player to admit the titles that they passed over, or even worse, started but didn’t finish. It’s not expected that every player will finish what he starts, but everyone has a few digital skeletons in their closet, games that cause a “HOLY CRAP YOU NEVER PLAYED THAT” or “WHY DIDN’T YOU FINISH THAT YOU DOPE” type of response.

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Myst2791d ago

That reminds me I need to buy Bastion...I sadly have not gotten it despite it being on my list of things =x


I got several titles I haven't had a chance to sucks because I hate buying games and not being able to finish them right away

AusRogo2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Yeah, I only played devil May Cry 3 and only got half way.. And everyone was like "holy shit you never played the others!?" so went out and bought the collection, and I fucking suck at em. So, is it a shame I havent beaten any of em yet? Lol

TheUnbiasedLion2791d ago

His reason for not beating ff6 is just like mine with playing 8 first then 9 then 7.

Ff 6 is great but I just couldn't fully get into it, though I did put it on my psp so here is hoping I will enjoy it better as a handheld.

siccmr1872790d ago

The amount of games i got bored of half way through... too many to say, but FF6 completed that numerous times