ATI R680 Graphics Card Is 1000X Faster Than a Cray-1 Supercomputer

Gizmodo reports: "We just got a nice look at the R680, the upcoming enthusiast graphics card from ATI that is, apparently, as fast as 1000 Cray-1s. We're not allowed to say exactly how fast that is, but maybe you want to hazard a guess. The details are all hush-hush but assume that what people have already written is more or less true, and this bad boy will be hitting store shelves pretty soon. Here are two more pictures for your jealousy enjoyment".

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Tarmgar3962d ago

So.......How fast is this Cray-1?

Lew_Ijgee3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

64-bit word
12.5 nanosecond clock period
2's complement arithmetic
Scalar and vector processing modes
Twelve fully segmented functional units
Eight 24-bit address (A) registers
Sixty-four 24-bit intermediate address (B) registers
Eight 64-bit scalar (S) registers
Sixty-four 64-bit intermediate scalar (T) registers
Eight 64-element vector (V) registers, 64-bits per element
Four instruction buffers of 64 16-bit parcels each
Integer and floating point arithmetic
128 Instruction codes

Up to 1,048,576 words of bi-polar memory
(64 data bits and eight error correction bits)
Eight or sixteen banks of 65,536 words each
Four-clock-period bank cycle time
One word per clock period transfer rate to B, T, and V registers
One word per two clock periods transfer rate to A and S registers
Four words per clock period transfer rate to instruction buffers
Single error correction - double error detection (SEC-DED)

Twelve input channels and twelve output channels
Channel groups contain either six input or six output channels
Channel groups served equally by memory (scanned every four clock periods)
Channel priority resolved within channel groups
Sixteen data bits, three control bits per channel, and 4 parity bits
Lost data detection

drewdrakes3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

In other words its slow and old. But 1000 together is still quite fast. It runs at 80MHz.

Leathersoup3962d ago

1,000,000 times faster than an abacus!!!

Charlie26883962d ago

But how does it play GAMES?

cuz if I remember correctly the HD 2900XT was suppose to be the new revolution with spectacular benchmarks compared to NVIDIAs 8800GTX...and yet we ALL saw what happened when both were compared in practical game testing

same thing can be said about ATIs new low end cards that again in benchmarks left NVIDIA in the dust but in games they couldn't even beat the 8800GTS 640mb while having vastly superior specs

I think every one by now knows that with ATIs "paper" launch benchmarks its better to wait and see and be skeptical than get excited and hyped about nothing (specially considering how NVIDIA recently has gone berserk in their price vs performance so who knows what they might counter this with! O.o)

mighty_douche3962d ago

ATI need to worry about making good gaming cards, Nvidia have it all but completely sown up.

moujahed3962d ago

This is why I stopped computer gaming 2 years ago... Seems like every year, or every 3months a better graphics card comes out. I have a Voodoo card... No need to mention which one, the name VooDoo shuold tell you how friggin old it is.

I bet this card cost more than my PC, and PS3 combined... Look at the size of it, it's likes a hand gun and is just as large as the MotherBoard it attatches to.

gta_cb3962d ago

that is one BBIIIIGGGG graphics card!! i thought my X800 GTO was big lol. from the picture after the jump it actually looks to be nearly double the size of mine, how big are the 8800 graphics cards?

Danielson3961d ago

i just got a 8800 GTS (G92), i play crysis on very high at 1280x1024 on XP (Forced it to dx10 with a small mod) i get around 35-45 FPS which is damn good for crysis on very high.

btw here is my rig
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 OC'ed to 3.15 ghz
2 gb crucial Memory
8800GTS (G92)

Also before i got my GTS i had an ATI 2600 Pro it ran Crysis at about 30-40 FPS at Medium Spec.
ATI looks good on paper just never performs as well as the specs suggest

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