This DUST 514 character would take you seven years to build.

DUST 514 org writes: Polygon posted yet another video that shows Character Sheet and various skills that you can have in DUST 514 as well as the Market for the first time. This is character that has every single skill on level 5 (maxed out), and it would take years to get to that point (as mentioned on DUST 514 keynote as well).

Let's see what kind of skills we have here:

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SuperStrokey11232399d ago

thats a serious amount of time invested... i dont know if i like this or dislike it...

How much of a difference does it make over a regular dude i wonder?

TooTall192399d ago

*If he never played. Playing the game will help you earn experience faster.

DeadIIIRed2399d ago

I like the idea of actually losing a vehicle or piece of equipment in battle instead of being able to call in as many as you want or wait for a respawn. It will feel so much better taking out a tank and so much worse losing one.

banjadude2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

So much passion and effort going into this, especially the customization part.

DFresh2399d ago

I really wish Dust514 comes to PC and has cross platform support with PS3/Vita players too.