TGS 2006: PS3 Percentages

Sony's got a bunch of PS3 games on display at TGS, from launch titles to games that aren't due out for another two years. IGN have done some reasearch and learned just how far along the games are at this point.

Virtua Fighter 5: 70%
Sega Golf Club: 70%
Sonic the Hedgehog 3: 75%
Armored Core 4: 80%
Coded Arms Assault: 50%
Ridge Racer 7: 100%
Gundam Target in Sight: 80%
Gran Turismo HD: 50%
Warhawk: 50%
Unknown Realm: 30%
LAIR: 35%
Motorstorm: 60%
The Eye of Judgment: 70%
Genji: 70%
Resistance: 85%
Minna no Golf 5: 30%
Heavenly Sword: 65%

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Jay da 2KBalla5848d ago

Interesting how GTHD and Warhawk are only 50 percent complete and its two months away from launch.

Can you say rush job?

uuuunvnv25848d ago

I think its more interesting that MGS4 isnt even on the list????

FeralPhoenix5848d ago

It looks as if they still have alot of work left to do if any of these games are going to make launch...WOW only Ridge Racer 7, is 100%. Given how much time some of these games have already been in development, then looking at their current completion percentage....I'm wondering which one's will be complete in a little less than 2 months?

LiquifiedArt5848d ago

i dont believe those %'s. They are all bogus. add about 20% to all of them. thats about right

Marriot VP5848d ago

yah you know IGN, their so unreliable, what street credit do they have anyways.

Your fanboyism is really showing, try to take it down a couple notches.

Mikey_Gee5848d ago

If they are, after ALL THIS WAITING for my PS3, once I get it I can look forward to "WAIT EVEN MORE"


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