God of War 4 Incoming?

Sony recently revealed a cryptic teaser image that has set the whole Internet ablaze with rumors and speculation. The image, at first glance, appears to merely be text on a background. The text reads "Will vengeance bring redemption?"

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DasBunker2795d ago


im happy since it seems somehow it might be a sequel and not a prequel or spinoff, don't know how they'll pull it off though.

LightSamus2795d ago

Yes it is, everyone knows it is, just relax until Sony out it.

aDDicteD2795d ago

it's God of war 4 for sure

mochachino2795d ago

It would be cool if Kratos becomes Satan, he already kind of is like the devil.

M83_2795d ago

In greek mythology Hades is Satan and he was killed by kratos so I don't thinks he's gonna go back and fill the void.

kaveti66162795d ago

Hades is incomparable to Satan in most ways.

Moncole2795d ago

I want a new protagonist in a new setting like Norse mythology.

M83_2795d ago

Yes I would really like this and since its SSM doing it, I would have my absolute faith in them. Whatever direction they go I don't care as long as I get to play GOW!
The third was the first GOW I played and I loved it!

BitbyDeath2795d ago

What about christian mythology?

M83_2795d ago

I hope you're joking...

BitbyDeath2795d ago

Haha, yea... mostly

Would still be funny though taking out all the bible peoples

smashcrashbash2795d ago

New Gods but not a new protagonist. Already went through that with DMC and I don't want to see it happen with GOW. It's too risky to introduce someone new. The original fans might reject it if they don't like him/her. Less risky to just go with Kratos again.At least we know him well.

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