Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote Down to the Final Two

From 64 candidates down to 2

Who will you choose?

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ftwrthtx2787d ago

I'm surprised Rodgers is out

Tai_Kaliso2787d ago

I'm pulling for Johnson, because he'll have a monster year and I know Newton wont. If Newton wins and has a sophomore slump people will try to blame that retarded Madden curse BS.

ftwrthtx2787d ago

I don't buy into the Madden Curse either

49erguy2787d ago

The curse is pretty stupid, but at the same time can you name a cover athlete who wasn't met with sudden misfortune?

Tai_Kaliso2787d ago

Drew Bree's and Larry Fitz just to name a couple.
The problem is, in the past the person on the cover usually came off a tremendous year, which in the NFL is difficult to duplicate, take into account that anyone in the NFL will tell you that by the middle of the season, every single player is hurt in one way or another.

Also, take a look at some of the supposed "cursed" Madden covers. Eddie George who is a RB who was coming off a season in which he was banged up because he ran the ball so much, Mike Vick is injured every year, he hasn't completed a single 16 game season since he entered the league.

People get hurt, especially players in a skill position. Had Vick won the cover last year people would have blamed the Madden curse, he lost the vote but was still injured and had a bad season.

Had Peyton Manning won the vote last year people would have blamed his neck injury on that as well.

Bottom line is that nothing is written and in a physical sport like football, people get hurt.

lsujester2787d ago

Larry Fitzgerald had a great year after his cover and didn't miss a game. Drew Brees threw more interceptions, but otherwise had a normal year for him.

lsujester2787d ago

Also, aren't you glad Patrick Willis won't be on the cover? haha ;)

49erguy2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Kurt left and the Cards won't be good for another 20 years probably and Saints lost to the Seahawks of all teams. I guess I am glad that Willis didn't make it lol.

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49erguy2787d ago

Newton didn't deserve it over ANY of these guys. I was pulling for P Willy of course (check the username), but I hope Cam gets it and gets cursed.

Soldierone2787d ago

Madden Curse is just a marketing ploy. "Oh its the Madden curse" what? "oh its a video game go check it out!"