Microsoft: Still no plans to ditch Games For Windows Live

Microsoft has told NeoGamr that they have no plans to discontinue its Games For Windows Live service, even though it plans to offer Xbox Live for Windows 8 owners.

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NYC_Gamer2794d ago

They should just ditch GFWL its just a bad service

-MD-2794d ago

Nobody likes GFWL. They need to dump it entirely and come up with a new service that isn't completely awful.

Kran2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Or they could just leave it to Steam and Origin....

BWAAHAHAHAHAHA. Couldnt say Origin without bursting out laughing.

I know a few people who prefer GFWL to Steam though. Oh so silly people they are :P

Megaton2794d ago

Origin is much better than GFWL, which says a lot. GFWL is the absolute worst, hands-down.

Megaton2794d ago

Very few things in this world are as universally hated as GFWL.

Smashbro292794d ago

They just need to end the god damn service. It's freaking terrible.

kevnb2794d ago

they should just fix it, losing save games is not cool.

Megaton2794d ago

They've "relaunched" it several times. They're not going to fix anything. I tolerated it up until the day it deleted my Batman: Arkham City save 15 hours into my playthrough. Now I want it removed from all PC games.

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