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Alan Wake returns in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the recent addition and sequel to 2009’s Alan Wake. Following where the events of the original left off, American Nightmare has the titular hero making his way through the dark place, so full of creative energies, that it has suddenly manifested itself back in the real world somewhere in the middle of Arizona as the fictional town of “Night Springs.” Wake is once again dealing with Mr. Scratch, the two of them trapped within a story of his own creation that he cannot remember (seems a little redundant, right?).

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Redcrimson1012789d ago

The author must've been smoking crack, American nightmare does not have the same excellent production, suspense or graphics like the first one. I love Alan wake. Yes, the game could've done a lot of things better but I was pretty much satisfied from what they offered. As far as improvements go, I'll save that for part 2. Alan wake was very much underrated. It's a classic game. I love the story. It's a 9/10. The only thing that is great about American nightmare is the weapons.