XXLGaming | Trials Evolution Review

XXLGaming writes, "RedLynx delivered a super title with Trials HD and I honestly was not sure how they would ever top it. Well Evolution is now here and let me tell you, Red Lynx hit this one out of the park. Trials Evolution should be in every gamer's library."

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Chuk52401d ago

The secret weapon of Trials Evolution is the humor. the soundtrack is horrible, the rider is mutilated in the most sadistically humorous ways, and the finale of levels are so beyond dumb, silly and unnecessary, that I have laughed for 5 good minutes at them.

ape0072401d ago

I find the soundtrack good, u know it reminded me of burnout 1, 2 and beetle adventure racing(N64) :D

Perjoss2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

this game is getting a lot of great scores