Call of Duty "transcends entertainment in such a massive way"

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 defied all odds last year, setting a new entertainment sales record for the third consecutive year. In just 24 hours, the game grossed $400 million in the US and UK, and went on to gross $1 billion throughout the world in 16 days of availability. Now months later fans still can't get enough, even though some in the business believe Call of Duty could be fading. The truth of the matter is that the brand has been taken to new heights, and between Call of Duty Elite, a Call of Duty XP show, and tons of DLC content, Call of Duty is truly its own phenomenon.

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aviator1892787d ago

I honestly loved the franchise up until Modern Warfare 2. After that, I just can't get into it anymore, though I frequently play CoD 4 mp to this day- such an awesome game.

MrBeatdown2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I still play it, although my reasons for playing it have changed. I used to play it for the MP, obviously, but for the past few games, especially with MW3, I play it because of the split screen features.

The series gets a lot of hate, and I agree the MP formula has gotten stale and the maps aren't as great as they were in CoD4, but I feel that people overlook some of the other ways the series has improved. I absolutely loved playing the Survival and co-op missions in split screen. It really requires teamwork on Veteran. Playing online multiplayer in split screen is nice too.

I had a ton of fun playing offline MP with three others with bots thrown in in Black Ops too. Zombies wasn't bad either.

AusRogo2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Mw3 will probably be the last cod I get. I got it not for the online multiplayer. But for the spec ops and split screen.. and the campaign. Spec ops is alot of fun, just wish we could get the dlc missions seperate from the multiplayer maps since I dont play the multiplayer. Not many games do split screen anymore.. And when my little brother comes over cod id the only split screen.. So unless Activision can pull a miracle out of their ass and have a new engine or something new to the series, then ill pass this years cod.