EDGE - Tribes: Ascend Review

Nearly every battle in Tribes: Ascend begins with a downhill rush. This act alone tells you roughly half as much as you need to know about Hi-Rez Studios’ free-to-play team shooter. Fire your anti-friction boots as those first smooth mountain slopes rise to greet you and gravity will do the rest, whipping your armour-encased future warrior up to giddy speeds. The other bit you learn a fraction of a second later when you crest the next hill and soar into the air, jetpack flaring to adjust your parabola. Ski down and jet up: this is almost everything in Ascend, tracing a series of arcs across each arena’s undulating terrain to form one big arc from friendly flag stand to enemy flag and back.

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kevnb2794d ago

critics seem to like it, needs to be on the frontpage of steam!